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UK weblogs & new types of jobs

UK weblogs:Oooh! A new big UK blogs listing! Current submissions, too. The future belongs to us:The World Future Society has issued its “Jobs Forecast for the Next 25 Years”. Not how many, but what new types: like artificial intelligence technician, aquaculturist, bionics medical technician, computational linguist, cryonics technician, e-mail manager, personal image & leisure-time consultant, […]

Battle of Shrewsbury

Battle of Shrewsbury:The Battle of Shrewsbury site is online, and very nice it looks too. The main event is a huge recreation of the 1403 clash between Hotspur & the Lords of the Northern Marches vs. Henry Bolingbroke, King of England. Around that there are all sorts of tasty arts events going on.

His & hers, 70’s style

“Que?”:Parts of Birmingham City Council seem to be starting to resemble Fawlty Towers. The Council sent out a hefty 1Mb e-mail flyer for a creative industries networking event in February. As a BMP file. Then they sent it again. And to top that, the CC lines in both e-mails contains all the e-mail addresses from […]

Earth Art

Earth art:I’m still thinking about how I might go about creating more hill-figure artworks. I found an interesting new book by Suzaan Boettger, the expert in the field of ‘land art’ (aka ‘environmental art’ and ‘earthwork art’), Earthworks. It’s to be published this month, and seems to be the first scholarly history of the field, […]

Audio Adventure Engine

Flushed out:At last, Norwich Council has had the gumption to do what all Councils should have done five years ago; line the sewers with cheap ‘dark fibre’. Let’s hope this links up with wi-fi nodes around Norwich too, as this could open up ‘redundant’ office space; wireless broadband & telephony + minaturisation of devices + […]

The e-vase

The e-vase:Yes, everything will be wired eventually; even vases of flowers. BT’s Radical Multimedia Lab, based in Ipswich, have developed a prototype e-vase. The artifical electronic flowers represent your family members and friends. Each ‘flower’ glows brightly and perks up if that person has recently had a phone call from you. But a ‘flower’ dims, […]

PS7 & Burslem

PS7:Wheeee; the first image made with my new Adobe Photoshop 7.0. Clouds above the town centre in Burslem, in Stoke-on-Trent… (large version, 40kb)… Burslem has a sprightly new Regeneration Company with plans to get the town back on its feet again; the full Development Plan should be in final ‘actionable’ form by June. The Vision […]


Place-by-numbers: A useful-looking Comedia publication has some hard words for the lacklustre marketing of English towns and cities, in its Making Sense of Place: New Approaches to Place Marketing…. “The identities of British cities and regions being peddled are at best partial and at worst completely fictitious.” Blog-by-numbers: An Irish start-up claims to offer a […]

Grit & dust

Grit wit:Here’s a timely project from some Worcestershire artists; Patriots:Birmingham photographer and fellow BIAD lecturer Ravi Deepres is touring his latest show, Patriots Fleeting Arcadias:The touring photography exhibition Fleeting Arcadias: 25 years of British landscape photography needs several homes this coming summer. Me, me me!Please vote for me at the Photobloggies 2003 Awards Dust […]


Reinvention: Dave Pollard, the instigator of Intervention, has a new solo show at The Drum Arts Centre in Birmingham. Opening night is Thursday 16th January. He’s taken huge chunks of the old Intervention buildings and made them into massive architectural sculptures. Pinball freebie: I’ve always been fond of realistic pinball sims. If you’d care to […]


Tweet:Birmingham’s Talking Birds have just launched a new web-based collaborative art project, webdemographic.


Metapopped:My Digita newsletter No. 13 has just been sent out, to over 600 subscribers.