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Stat attack

Stat attack:Spiked has a long article from the editor of Cultural Trends, explaining in great detail why a lot of arts and cultural-industries ‘statistics’ are just so much old fluff. Creative Stoke:Creative Stoke is now big enough to be allowed out on its own. .lit hit:It had to happen sooner or later; the security features […]


Beowulf:A brand new translation of Beowulf is due, by one J.R.R. Tolkien. His long lost manuscript has been found. (Free registration required).

House & sunlight photos

House photos:At last, some long-promised snaps of my house! Six photographs of today’s low intense mid-winter sunlight, entering my house and making fleeting patterns and shapes on the walls… (large version, 67kb (large version, 60kb) (large version, 60kb) (large version, 54kb) (large version, 85kb) (large version, 50kb) And then I went outside… (large version, 45kb) […]

Shadows & Fog

Er, we can buy lots of chocolate?Britain: reasons to be cheerful. Brummie Tourists:The (14) Grand Tour. Moore lies:Andrew Sullivan fact-checks Bowling for Columbine, and finds it based on a tissue of lies and half-truths. Misty:It was like a scene from Shadows & Fog as I left BIAD on the last day of term… (large version, […]

Art in the UK

Art in the UK:“You’ve never had it so good”.


Designer bum:Got a fat bum from sitting in front of Photoshop all day, stuffing yourself with buns and coffee? Don’t worry, if you’re an artist or designer then it’s probably “all in the mind”. Researchers at the London Medical School have found an additional designer illness; literally. Looking beyond the well-known repetitive-strain injuries, they found […]