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Lit Trip

Lit Trip:Textual analysis and concordances, as art. Orlando:Good news; Sally Potter’s wonderful film Orlando finally comes out on widescreen DVD in the UK at the end of Feb 2003.

Public library

Public library:The free Microsoft Reader 2.0 is out now. Try it if you have a laptop, as the screens respond well to the Reader’s ClearType font clarification. You really can read entire books from the screen. Download all the free ebooks you want from the 10,000 at Blackmask, or use Microsoft’s free ReaderWorks conversion software […]

Train frame

Train frame: Another photo taken through the window of a train & while pointing into the sun; this time while approaching Birmingham New Street…. (large version, 85kb)

Sally Purcell

Sally Purcell:The Times commentator Libby Purves pens a moving tribute to the life and work of Sally Purcell, a poet & translator from Bromsgrove. (Free registration required) The Collected Poems are out now.


Ruinous: An interesting personal web-site by Birmingham-based Intervention artist, David Papadopoulos. I met him at the recent Boozy Schmooze networking event. One of the projects David is working on is Spacialities of Dereliction. David recommends Stoke-on-Trent based Tim Edensor’s complementary work on a comprehensive British Industrial Ruins project, which has lots of photos & texts. […]

A couple of interesting papers

A couple of interesting papers:Edit-Play: How children use edutainment software (PDF, 408kb) & Copyright and Creativity in the Cultural Industries (PDF, 48kb). The latter paper’s author published a £50 book on the subject, a year later 🙂 Red, white & new:The documentary web-site for my recent artist’s commission is now complete and online. More Brummie […]

New photos

New photos: (large version, 68kb) (large version, 47kb) (large version, 38kb) (large version, 45kb) (large version, 31kb) (large version, 58kb)


Scrut-able:Today’s Sunday Times has a rare interview with Britain’s most famous living philosopher (sorry, Sadie, you’re obviously off the A-list these days), author of the excellent England; an elegy, who has a timely new book out – which, according to The Sunday Times, is “one of the few things written since 9/11 that makes any […]

Schmooze news.

Schmooze news:A good Schmooze tonight (click for big pic) in Birmingham at the Sunflower Lounge, with a turn-out of about 80 local creatives, nattering away nine-to-the-dozen. Many thanks to Anne-marie and Sorelle for organising the Schmooze events. Some news that was Schmoozed…. There’s a upcoming User-Lab Seminar at BIAD, Birmingham, on Designing the user experience […]

A bear of little brain

A bear of little brain:Pooh dips into the Postmodern honeypot. A .gov of little brain:Government empties the £5bn web-design disaster honeypot, and looks around, bemused.

Happy birthday, dear house

Happy birthday, dear house:It’s now a year since I bought my new house! Fry’s Delight:Stephen Fry is happy.

Wear me

Wear me:And you thought that the Costume Closet/Wardrobe event (see 2nd Nov, below) was only fannish fabrics & fashions, which could never be new-media at all. Shame on you; the Wear Me! InterChange is a forthcoming three-day exchange on the East coast of England for artists, computing geeks and fashionistas to “debate & view topical […]

‘That’s you, that is…’

‘That’s you, that is…’:Channel 4 are promoting Self Portrait UK, in collaboration with the National Portrait Gallery. It’s open to photographs (prints only, sent in by post), and winning work will be shown at exhibition sites across Britain and broadcast on Channel 4. Out of the closet:There’s to be a residential convention in the Midlands, […]