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Mixed up stuff

Visual FX survey:There’s “a major study into the importance of the British visual effects and post-production sectors” going on. Fill out the form to participate in the first stage of the project, “a wide-ranging data gathering exercise focussing on the numbers of people working in, and the number and nature of companies operating in the […]

City of Culture

Shortlisted, ‘virtually’:Excellent news. Birmingham’s European City of Culture 2008 bid had been given 10-1 odds by the bookies earlier this week; but it seems we’re now ‘virtually’ through to the shortlist. The official announcement is on Wednesday.

Midlands name-checks

Midlands name-checks:A quick round-up of West Midlands creative ‘movers & shakers’ and their doings…. My friend Mark Holloway is giving a talk at the quarterly Animators Forum held at Wolverhampton Light House (6.20pm onwards, free) on Wednesday 23rd Oct 2002, where you can also meet Sarah Lewis from Hereford’s Rural Media Company; she’ll be looking […]

Misty morning

Misty morning:Snapped through the window of a speeding train, camera pointing almost directly into the early morning sun…. (large version, 60kb) Get cooking:The Digital Storytelling Cookbook, free.

Ideas Factory

Ideas Factory:Channel 4 have just launched their new web-site aimed at teenagers wanting to get into media/arts production. It looks pretty but the Course Search needs some tweaking; my search for Midlands courses & keyword ‘Media’ gave me a first-page of colleges in Islington, Lincoln and South Cheshire. And it’s my experience that the best […]

Swans in the Gallery

Swans in the Gallery:Six of the swan photos are now the new Gallery show. I’m not quite certain of the line-up; I may add one more photo to the set before the end of the month.

Return of the swan photos

Return of the swan photos: ‘Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water….’ 😉 I’ve decided to make the recent swan photos a gallery series, so I took some more today while cycling to the shops. I’ve also realised that the series fits with the theme of my Public Art […]

Me meme

The Me culture:Spiked, on love & selfishness. The Meme culture:I haven’t had a proper look at it yet, but a new book called The Electric Meme looks like an interesting attempt to clear some of the undergrowth, ready to build a future ‘science of memes’. The author has a sample chapter online for free.

Beyond our Ken

Beyond our Ken:An interesting new report was issued last week, Creativity: London’s Core Business. Packed with tables and statistics, it claims that 20,000 creative industries jobs were lost in the East Midlands from 1995 to 2000, while the West Midlands grew by 15,000 in the same period. The report is 2.2Mb, in PDF format and […]

New Art Gallery Walsall

New Art Gallery Walsall: I went down to Walsall on Wednesday, to give a presentation & talk about my art at the New Art Gallery. I arrived by bus (the train from Wolverhampton having been cancelled) and noticed that the new Gallery is stimulating the building of canalside apartments nearby. Dave Pollard, the Intervention organiser […]

New form of photography

More Yorkshire digiarts:The 2nd International Festival of Sound and Experimental Music will happen from the 10th – 13th April 2003 up at the University of Leeds. TradArt:The Scotland-based Traditional Art Association has stumped up £20,000 to fund a new annual prize. I think we can assume it won’t be being given to pickled fish or […]

New trains! faster! more frequent!

‘New trains! faster! more frequent!’Or so Virgin claimed this week, for its Manchester-Birmingham rail service. So what did I get today, on my way down to BIAD? Old InterCity trains, there and back. And a long winding detour along the Walsall / Tame Bridge line; the train gliding slowly (oh so slowly) through the parklands […]

Mind the Gap

Mind the Gap:I’ve mostly been wearing a certain style of green outdoors-y trousers this Summer. Not all the comments/glances have been favourable; so it was nice to walk past the Gap menswear shop today and see four display models in a row, all wearing trousers of almost exactly the same style and shade as mine […]

Of Swans and September site statistics

September site statistics:6715 unique visitors, generating 74,296 hits. Yet another swan photo….(large version, 62kb)