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£8bn to spend? Do some imaginative R&D first

Yum:Creative Clusters Summit Conference, Sheffield, November 2002. Ultra-cliched stock photography on the front page; let’s hope it’s not one of those thousand-quid ticket junkets. £8bn to spend? Do some imaginative R&D first:In the “areas of low housing demand” of the North & Midlands, why not find a suitable street in a declining area, and simply […]


Lilies:Yes, I know they’re a terribly cliched subject for photography, but I couldn’t resist snapping a vase of lilies which was skulking in a hallway at a big design event I attended today. I can’t decide if I like it best in colour or black & white. (large version, 51kb) (large version, 72kb)

Thor’s Cave

Thor’s Cave:This afternoon I took a pleasant cycling-trip with fellow artist Mark Wood, along the Manifold Trail in the Peak District National Park. Last week Mark bought a new Fuji S2 (£2,400! the best pro digital camera available, bought at the two-day digital photography expo at Stoke-on-Trent); but he wisely left it at home today. […]

Sugar overdose

Sugar overdose:Here are four documentary photos (200kb). They’re from a set I took for the local radio station’s web-site, showing the process involved in making some amazingly detailed sugar-craft displays.

Incentives for artists

Incentives for artists:Now here’s an interesting initative; encourage artists to live and work in a run-down city area. Ok, so we’ve all heard that one before. Artists and creatives as the shock-troops of gentrification, who then get priced out by property developers after a few years. It’s happening now in Handsworth, Birmingham, at the start […]

Business Link, broken

Business Link, broken:Didn’t think the Business Link brand could get even more tarnished than it already is? Think again. Clive Grinyer, Director of Design at The Design Council, writing in the latest Design Week, has lowered my opinion of them even further; “There used to be a small army of dedicated design advisors [within Business […]

New photos

New photos: (large version, 40kb) (large version, 70kb)

Gooseberry fool

Gooseberry fool:I love gooseberries. So I’ve been casually keeping an eye out for bushes to buy for my new house. The local DIY centre’s garden plants area never has them, and proper garden centres are rare around here (because most terraced houses have stone yards). But today, at last, I found a single healthy bush. […]

No time

No time:No time… to blog 😉

Eeyore & Pooh

Eeyore & Pooh:Charles Leadbeater (The Creative City, The Independents – Britain’s New Cultural Entrepreneurs) on the corrosion of pessimism vs. the power of optimism, in the lastest posting of Spiked.

White dot

Artsworld, white dot:Artsworld has Managing eccentricity:Daily Telegraph article ‘Weed out the dullards, nurture the nuts’ (free registration required).

Pods & Mods, poor artists, eLearning & London

Poor artists:Why Are Artists Poor?, a new book published in English last month by the University of Amsterdam Press. You can read parts of the book online. Hans talks about why he wrote the book here. Pop pods:An illustrated report on new work from regional environmental artists, seen in the Midlands Sculpture Trail 2002 at […]

Play, cheques, comix, Intervention report

Playtime forever:It’s a little too ‘stock’, but I think the colour/composition is nice… (large version, 52kb) The cheque’s in the post:I’m pleased to say that, after more than three months of waiting, today I received the final cheque for work I did for artsnet. Bang! Pow! Speak!I’ve been invited to talk about web/interactive comics at […]

Congrat’s / free Aura

Congratulations:….to Peter Corkhill of Hereford for winning the D&AD Student Design Award 2002 for Photography. Aura, glowing hot:Digita magazine is to give away the full registered Newtek Aura in the July 2002 edition’s CD. Aura is a very powerful real-time paint and animation system, used in many broadcast studio set-ups, and previously sold for £495. […]