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Junk = chump?

Junk = chump?:A fascinating opinion piece in The Sunday Times, expanding on recent press coverage of the clear “diet & mood/behaviour” linkage; which has apparently been obvious for twenty years. (Free registration required). It would be interesting to find some stereotypical university students, subsisting on pot-noodles and beans, and run a trial to see if […]

Creative opp’s

Creative opp’s:Lots of new/current opportunities for Midlands’ digital creatives are listed on my Digita message-board.

One Party & A Sketch Book

‘One Party & a Sketch Book’:Sorry for not blogging daily this week; it’s that busy time of year again, where everyone bustles – before July begins to creep towards the long school holidays. Although; judging by the number of children apparently truanting, you might think the holidays have already started. Things to do: a new […]

Passing the plate

Passing the plate:kuro5hin needs $70,000 to pay for operating and traffic costs. So the editor made an appeal to the readership. He’s raised over $17,000 in donations in the last 48 hours. Who says weblogs can’t make money? If you care to do something similar for me, then please donate a few clicks to push […]

It’s fun to learn

It’s fun to learn:MIT’s “Games-to-Teach” prototypes are now online. AltComix:I just found out about Caption 2002: the annual alternative comics convention. No guest-list, but it looks interesting. It’s on 17th – 18th August 2002 at the Oxford Union Society in Oxford.

Trend-seeding, not advertising

Trend-seeding, not advertising:Following on from some ideas muddling around in my head on the train last night…. So, you have a niche service/product/trend to push. You’ve found your target audience of inside-track opinion formers. You’ve probably found them because some timely on-topic content serves their info-hunger for the subject they’re passionate about. That content’s probably […]

For one month only

For one month only:My selection from tonight’s private view for Wolverhampton University’s art & design graduate show. Page is 338kb in total, and will only be up for a month. I felt the show wasn’t generally as strong as last year’s, which is a pity. The show is open to the public on the 16th, […]

Mouse Piss, Crafts, Robotic Parrot Sausages

‘Wake up and smell the mouse piss’:Today’s “go to make a coffee, switch on BBC Radio 4 while the kettle’s boiling” random aural experience; hearing a snatch of a scientific discussion of the chemical volatilities inherent in mouse piss. And yes, I was still able to drink my coffee 😉 An idle thought:Why does new-media […]

Freelancer, with emphasis on the ‘free’

Freelancer, with emphasis on the ‘free’:Three months after I invoiced them, I’m still waiting for payment for freelance work I did for artsnet & marketing:arts. 🙁 RealMyst:One of the first computer-games to stray towards the sublime was Myst. I had long since give away my old boxed copy as a birthday present, when a year […]

“Welcome to the Matrix, Neo…”

“Welcome to the Matrix, Neo…”The Register – Snoops go mad. Of course, Blunkett’s proposals will only make legal the technically illegal gathering of data that’s already going on. So that’s all right then.

Come to sunny Moseley

Come to sunny Moseley:I got the advance dates for this summer’s Moseley Arts Festival, in Birmingham. For those not “in the know”, Moseley is the nearest thing to a bohemian quarter that B’ham has. Half the city’s artists live there; along with assorted tree-huggers, avante-Guardianistas and sundry beardy-weirdies. The dates are 24th – 26th August […]

Landscape on the square

Accepted:One of my nameplate designs for Typographica has been accepted and should be in the rotation by next week. Landscape on the square:Robert Brook is a talented photographer, from Shrewsbury in the West Midlands, working mostly in the square format. His site has extensive online galleries; make sure you see the Close Up Landscapes series […]

Type:A new and rather juicy typography blog. It’s inviting mastheads, so I threw some together, one of which uses my own Burning Rubber font.

Combat Tanks – retail version, free

Combat Tanks – retail version, free:Probably the best ever ten-minute game for Windows, certainly the best game-play in any pre-’96 Windows arcade game. It’s Combat Tanks 1.0. Now the full retail version has been released for free, by the original author. Yes, the full registered version; after five years when no-one could unlock the old […]

Cock horse

‘Ride a cock horse to Banbury Cross’:The opening line of an old song that was one of the first I learned as a child. Ever wondered what a “cock horse” is? Take a look at this photographic archive of folk-culture “‘obby ‘oss” animals, the use of which has survived in a few remote English street […]

Rool Britannia

Happy Jubilee:Sat, Sun & Mon; a broadly happy, broadly sunny Golden Jubilee weekend & bank holiday for most people (bar a few grumbling unpatriotic ninnies) in England. Among other things I went to the opening of my uncle’s new shop on Friday, the opening of a new local industrial museum, an excellent free music-fest, and […]

Mark Wood, fashion

Mark Wood:It’s still ever so slightly ‘under construction’ (missing menu buttons), but Midlands photographer & printmaker Mark Wood has launched his redesigned and re-filled gallery site on schedule today, 1st June. There’s a treat in the gallery section; all of his photos. fuk all new fashion in Nottingham:The rather good sent photographers to get […]