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TapHere’s a cool little artist-designed app for the Palm; Tap. The ‘dancing hamsters’ of the Noughties decade?

Brummie photos x 2

Brummie Photos #1:Sample the Flash intro and the photo gallery of stylish Birmingham cityscapes on the new site urbancontemporaries. At the moment the pics are all rather ‘Brum pretends to be somewhere else’, but there’s more due in Summer/Autumn 2002. Brummie Photos #2:Rob Gibb, Head of Photography at Birmingham’s BIAD, has a new web-site with […]

Parochial 2 the world

Best in the West (Midlands):The Royal Photographic Society’s 145th International Print Exhibition has its world premiere at Stoke-on-Trent on 22nd June 2002. See the winning entries online. Creative Stoke:My Creative Stoke portal page has been updated significantly since it was last mentioned here. Sponsorship welcome; gain kudos and goodwill by helping creative opinion-formers to find […]

An English Bank Holiday Carnival

An English Bank Holiday Carnival:Yes, the flag-waver photo shows a silver jubilee placard; one side of the float was re-using 1977 Silver placards, the other was using new 2002 Golden ones. (large version, 89kb) (large version, 145kb) (large version, 160kb) (large version, 90kb) TopBlog:Refresh your acquaintance with British journalist Andrew Sullivan’s weblog, which is winging […]

Roam alone

Roam alone:A fascinating discussion about the need to be solitary in order to find & make good photos. 3D games on the web:At last they arrive; the first alphas of workable W3D games made in Macromedia Director 8.5. Very impressive, especially the miniscule download times. Courtesy of plucky little Belgium; enjoy Creech (Hulk-style beat-’em up) […]

Tea with G&G

Tea with G&G:The Observer has a Gilbert & George interview… “‘You can discuss voting Conservative with your mother, with the waiter, taxi driver, but not with the art world,’ says George. ‘To say you are Conservative is to say you’re a Nazi. It’s absurd. We want the freedom to say that. We’re more socialistic than […]

“It’s Friday, it’s Five O’clock…”

“It’s Friday, it’s five o’clock…:…it’s CRACKERJACK!” (*) No, actually; these days it’s more like ‘it’s time to doss about down at the old decayed concrete pilings’. 🙁 (large version, 122kb) In a Flash:Grab that Flash MX demo now, coders. Because it may not be around much longer. It seems that if Adobe doesn’t nobble it, […]

Brain strain on the train

Brain strain on the train:Mobile phone radiation in train carriages doesn’t just fry the user’s tiny brain, it may well fry everyone else’s too 🙁 “First, we get rid of the actors”:The Evening Standard with some strong words on the busybodies messing with Britain’s performing arts. Fruity:Birmingham’s excellent Rhubarb Rhubarb 3.0 has the new web-site […]

‘Vectorial Elevation’

‘Vectorial Elevation’: Continuing the ‘remote artwork’ theme, a participatory show has been launched for the opening of the Basque Museum of Contemporary Art, in the city of Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain. Until 5th May 2002 anyone who visits the web-site …”will be able to design giant light sculptures which use 18 robotic searchlights placed around the Museum’s […]