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Baby-eating aliens

Geek chic:The Sunday Times ‘Style’ section proclaims bookish nerds and designer geeks are the latest romantic ‘must have’ for stylish young women. Hmmm, now where did I put my old NHS glasses? 😉 The newspaper also slams into the Beck’s Futures art show just as savagely as The Guardian and The Observer did last week, […]

“Eye eye”

“Eye eye”: (large version, 90kb) Site stats:Whoof. I looked at the site statistics for the first time in six months. March 2002 saw 3339 unique visitors! They triggered over 50,000 hits.


Hair today, gone tomorrow:BBC Radio 2 broadcasts a live PSB show at 8pm this Saturday. Nice of them. Check out Tennant’s new honest hairstyle! Well; good for him, I say. For refraining from shaving it all off (ugly) or covering the gaps with a rug (naff). See P3, O!:R2dto my friend Pete’s P3 site, which […]

PSB and Fuji

PSB!:I picked up the new PSB album today, Release. On first hearing: Mmmm, tasty in parts. The album’s first twenty seconds – the single Home and Dry – recalls Kraftwerk in their early Ralf and Florian mode, then we’re off into lush toe-tapping ear-candy. On the early tracks the PSB’s trademark electronica takes a back-seat […]

Blogging errors

Blogs in a basket:AOL has seen the light and is buying up weblogs! They’ve even put the Scottish blood transfusion service’s samizdat news blog in their shopping basket, along with 59 percent of all blogging female arts graduates. Hang on, it’s dated April 1st. Oh damn. And I was really looking forwards to meeting all […]

Goodbye Queen mum, R.I.P

Goodbye Queen mum, R.I.P.:Two of the best tributes; one from crusty old William Rees-Mogg in The Times, the other from hotshot Tony Parsons in The Mirror. Both united in the same sentiments, the same mourning for the best of England, and both writing at their best. There’s an official memorial site with an online condolences […]