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Lovely days…

Digita newsletter No.12:I’ve put together another Digita newsletter, which went out to over 500 subscribers on Thursday. This is the longest one yet. I was sorry to see in The Birmingham Post that the list of the planned Birmingham Capital of Culture 2008 projects all but ignored digital/interactive new-media, bar one mention of a new […]

Beck’s Futures 2002

Beck’s Futures 2002:Another nail in the coffin of conceptual BritArt.

Cycle of Spring, ring, ring

Phone groan:I had to buy a new top-up card for my mobile. Why do mobile phone users have to give their geographical locations when someone calls? “I’m in the train!” etc. Yes, we know you’re in the train; everyone in the train carriage (and probably the next one) can hear you gabbling. Eventually there will […]

Nottingham survey

Frank comments on Nottingham arts scene:Nottingham have released the results of the Visual Arts Survey 2002. 400 questionnaires were sent out to artists, gallery visitors, galleries, local arts orgs and others in order to build a balanced perspective. A healthy 260 responses were gathered, many anonymous – and when you see some of the frank […]

Smart resize

Shareware beats Photoshop :On the newstands before I went away was an edition of the weekly British Journal of Photography. This respected pro journal had done a group-test of image-editing software, looking at the image-enlarging functions. Since getting a digital image to a size where it prints nicely is important (for print), it was interesting […]


“Would you like to see my holiday snaps?” Yes, I haven’t blogged recently. It’s because I’ve been visiting my mum in her villa at Javea, on Spain’s Costa Blanca. Very refreshing, after 14 hectic weeks of the move & my new house. It’s the first time I’ve been out to see her since she retired […]

Fidelio & Fuji

Beethoven’s Fidelio pictures:I went to Birmingham to photograph & record the dress-rehersal of Beethoven’s Fidelio for artsnet. The opera’s being staged by the Birmingham Opera Company, in a giant circus tent at Aston Hall. No flash-photography was allowed, the lighting was often low, and many times I wished I’d had a telephoto lens; but I […]


Hunt Emerson interview:I’ve just finished a 3000-word interview with Birmingham cartooning genius Hunt Emerson, which should appear on artsnet during the coming week. Fourth birthday:My Digita project is now four years old! Still no birthday presents in the form of a funding cheque, regrettably. Female fotos:Nice photos on the site of Mick Payton, a Wolverhampton […]