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Battling it out

Google zeitgeist:You don’t need to go to Burning Man to sus the spirit of the American age (although BM 2002 tickets have just gone on sale), or wait for someone to stage the English version (Soggy Bloke 2002?). A few clicks to Google zietgeist shows you just where online US-oriented culture is happening. Rather depressing, […]

No Speech!

No speech!:Rather a shock that Geoffrey Hill didn’t win the T.S. Eliot prize for his ‘Speech! Speech!’. This new book of poems by the hermetic Midlands poet & Visiting Fellow at Warwick University recently moved The Guardian newspaper to state bluntly that… “Geoffrey Hill is the greatest living poet in the English language.” Add to […]

Fabulous Prefabs

Fabulous Prefabs:I found Greg Stevenson’s site. Originally from Nuneaton in the Midlands, he now writes and teaches in deepest Wales, where he’s also restoring a cottage. He’s a young cultural historian with a deep interest in the vernacular English building styles. Currently he’s researching post-war English prefab houses in England; which I remember my Nanny […]

I’m back

Short break:Sorry I’ve been a way for a couple of days; hordes of BIAD students were wanting consultations in their draft final essays, there were lectures to prepare, things to do with the house, and I have a new freelance gig from Andy Dawson at artsnet. For the latter I’m now supplying a regular news […]

Fried weblog, on toast, and in the bin.

Fried weblog, on toast, and in the bin:Well, here I am on a new server. F2S corrupted the Greymatter files again, after I had fixed them on Sunday. So – the F2S space is history, and will auto-redirect until deleted on 28th Feb 2002. Good riddance. Please update your bookmarks and links, many thanks. West […]

Fried weblog, on toast

Fried weblog, on toast:12.01.02. Well, it had to happen. The Greymatter weblog files have been corrupted. How, I don’t know; but I suspect F2S’s servers must have flopped while Greymatter was in the process of a routine archiving operation. But it was impossible to post new comments, and there was other wierd behaviour. So I’ve […]


test You got this far back! Congrat’s! The blog actually went back to August 2001, but some posts were lost. Before that I had a local blog about cycling and my locality, which started December 2000. — June 2006