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Anthologize alpha

Anthologize turns your familiar WordPress blog into a platform for the production of an ebook. Funded by the U.S. National Endowment for the Humanities. Output formats include… “PDF, ePub, and TEI, an open XML format for storage and exchange.”

Flash Camp Birmingham

Personally, I’m increasingly with Steve Jobs on Flash. But you can’t argue with “free”. Flash Camp Birmingham. Birmingham Library Theatre, city centre. 7th September 2010, 12pm-8pm. “The best thing about Flash Camp is it’s completely FREE for attendees!”


Fab. Sort of. WordPress have introduced Phone Your Blog… “enable Post by Voice, and get a special number and code to call your blog” The uploaded file can be up to sixty minutes long. Unfortunately the number you call is in the USA.


I’ve recently been keeping an eye out for opportunities, for several of my ex-students. This one looks like a fab, if expensive, opportunity for recent graduates in the East Midlands: a Masters degree in Creative Technologies at Leicester. It seems to be heading into its third year of operation. There’s a… “groundbreaking cross-discipline approach”, a […]

Foreground Reference Utility

Ever wished you could have a semi-opaque image floating in front of your work, to act as a reference guide? And have it work with any software application? The new Foreground Reference Utility (video) does that, and it’s free. Download here. [ Hat-tip: Paumanok ]

Adobe visits Brum

Adobe bring the new Creative Suite 5 to Birmingham, including Photoshop CS5. Free. Vue Cinema, 27th May 2010… ” Adobe will be flying in its team of global evangelists for a full-day event in Birmingham. Jason Levine, Greg Rewis and Terry White — alongside Adobe UK’s local product specialists — will demonstrate the top new […]


Wikipedia now offers custom printed books, created from your custom collection of specialist Wikipedia entries. Possibly it also offers ereader ebook output somewhere along the pipeline, but I haven’t looked at the fine-print yet.

Spore to iClone pipeline

A viable Spore creature to iClone conversion pipeline. Keeping bones, weighting and textures intact — meaning it can then be animated in iClone.

Artisteer 2

Those who’re still paying people to design a basic WordPress website from scratch — or paying $50+ for one off-the-shelf “limited number of sales” template to get a margin of exclusivity (yep, I’ve been there) — might do well to first investigate the unique Artisteer WordPress design software. Despite its own rather naff website design, […]

All DAZ 3D human base models are now free

Not only is DAZ Studio 3 free but, as of a few days ago, all DAZ’s 3D human base models are also free. Very useful human-figure reference software for comics artists and figurative painters, although if you want the DAZ domestic animals (cats, dogs, etc) you still have to buy them.

Make a ‘PC movie’ for under $2k

My costed guide to assembling a ‘complete workflow’ virtual movie-making suite, for under $2,000.

Auto blog

I made two Firefox scripts to automate regular aspects of blogging.

Google search enhanced

At a time when everyone seems to be focussed on re-purposing web content for mobile, what about adapting for 24″ widescreen monitors? Why stick with a long scrolling page format for search results, for instance — something that’s more suited to the age of the long tall accounting-ledger? When the results could look like this: […]

Firefox addon: Google Custom Search 1.1.2

There’s an excellent and newly released Firefox addon, called Google Custom Search 1.1.2, made by Kai Londenberg in Germany. It quickly creates independently-hosted anonymous Google Custom Search Engines, which you can then manage and refine directly from buttons embedded in your Google search results. And just like the official Google CSEs, you get cut-and-paste HTML […]


MegaZine v3, a free open-source page-flipping engine for presenting magazines and ‘zines online. Demo. “MegaZine3 is completely written in ActionScript 3 … MegaZine3 comes with integrated support for SWFAddress, a JavaScript library allowing user to deep link flash movies.”

Flickr’s App Garden launches

Flickr launches The App Garden… “home-grown applications created by Flickr members … using the Flickr API.”


An open-source text to speech application, eSpeak (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X), from Coventry’s Jonathan Duddington. The default voices that come with it are very harsh and robotic. But it also works straight away with the acceptable Microsoft ‘Anna’ voice that comes pre-installed with Vista / Windows 7, and with the excellent commercial Acapela Telecom […]

Generative City Engine for Blender

The free open source 3D production suite Blender now has a clever new script. Suicidator City Engine (SCE) is a Python script to automatically generate a modern New York-style city in 3D. It lets you adjust size and complexity, and also automatically textures the buildings. Early days, but it points the way to free open-source […]

MagCloud open to people in the UK

Last year Hewlett Packard launched MagCloud, a print-on-demand service for magazines, as a closed invitation-only service. It appears to work like Lulu, allowing the upload of a PDF created from any layout software. It’s now an open public service, and they’ve added UK shipping. If you want to produce your magazines ‘at cost’, then it’s […]


I’m a big fan of Cool Edit Pro 2.0 for audio recording and editing on an XP netbook (it was so good that Adobe bought it and re-branded it as Adobe Audition), but it’s always useful to know there’s free web-based audio-editing software out there. Such as Myna, which has apparently just launched. Download Squad […]