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Libre Baskerville

Libre Baskerville, a historical Birmingham font now made web-tastical… “Libre Baskerville is webfont optimized for web body text (typically 16px). It’s based on 1941 ATF Specimens, but it has a taller x height, wider counters and minor contrast that allow it to work on small sizes in any screen.”

Google Earth Pro is now free

Google Lat Long has announced that Google Earth Pro is now free. It once cost $400 a year.

Talk in Brum: High-End VFX

27th March 2014:High-End VFX for Low-Budget Movies, BIAD, Birmingham City University. Those who can’t attend might take a look at the software HitFilm 2.

Station to Station

Mobile sound lab, crossing America on a train…, a new simple infographics editor service for those who run screaming from Photoshop. Still in beta. Currently a bit template-y. Possibly not going to produce something like this infographic of Iranian blog censorship, any time soon…

Riding the niches

A hat-tip to Chris Unitt for the news that NASA has teamed up with a videogames company, to bring what’s said to be a fascinating level of realism to EA Sports’ new snowboarding sim adventure SSX videogame (PS3 and XBox only – review). All the mountain snowboarding courses in the game are built on top […]

Using @font-face

The UK’s Computer Arts magazine has a useful mini-tutorial on how to use @font-face to style web type… “The @font-face command and Web Open Font Formats (.woff files [containers for normal fonts]) now enable designers to create and link to a specific, traditionally non-web-safe font in all modern browsers. […] When a visitor lands, either […]

Wacom Inkling

The Wacom Inkling. Sketch on paper with a digital pen, which gets tracked by a little clip on base unit. The output is a layered digital drawing for Photoshop or your vector drawing software. Launched at the end of the summer, but there’s no sign of an Amazon UK page yet. In the USA it […]

Machinima bibliography 2007-2011

My new machinima bibliography (PDF link), primarily covering the years 2007-2011.

Blurb announces Adobe InDesign plugin

Excellent news from the print-on-demand quality photobook printers Blurb… “Coming Soon: Blurb Plug-In for Adobe InDesign. We have a new plug-in coming that puts blank Blurb templates at your fingertips (right within InDesign) and improves your PDF to Book upload experience. The plug-in will be unveiled this summer.” Blurb can do you a nice one-off […]

Full HTML5 suite for free

IBM is giving away its HTML5 authoring software called Maqetta, as open source.

IOCT Masters

The Institute of Creative Technologies, Leicester, Third Annual Masters Student Showcase. 12th-13th May 2011. Previous showcases online here.

Google Personal Blocklist

Google has launched its own personal blocklist for the personal banning of dodgy websites from your search-results. This only works with the Google Chrome browser. Blocked sites are shared with Google. There’s no way to import a pre-existing list, or export your list to share with others. Firefox users already have the excellent (and private) […]

The Home of The Hangman

My attempt to emulate a dark old oil painting in straight 3D CG, allowing no more than very minor Photoshop post-work. All the lighting is CG, and Photoshop was really only used to finesse some of the hard edges on the water/sky. For those who’re familiar with 3D CG work, this isn’t rendered in the […]


PirateBox, the… “self-contained mobile [wi-fi] collaboration and P2P file sharing device. Simply turn it on to transform any space into a free and open P2P file sharing network. […] the system is purposely not connected to the Internet in order to subvert tracking and preserve user privacy.” “The PirateBox is registered under the Free Art […]

Lighting up 3D printing

Flickr Gallery for the Sketchup 3D printed lamps competition. Designed in Sketchup, printed by a 3D printer… “we got together with the Google SketchUp team to devise a Design Challenge that will test your product design and SketchUp skills to the limit. We’ve decided to let you make your very own 3D printed lamp. An […]


BitNami’s MediaWiki is a private ‘blank’ Wikipedia. It’s the same free software and template that is used by Wikipedia, but it is completely pre-configured to install and run privately from your desktop PC. All you need to know after the simple install is… how to launch your Web browser! Brilliant. Then you can start and […]

Curing the Firefox Helvetica bug – Font Replacer addon

For several years the Firefox web browser has had a bug that causes some headlines and bold menu items on Web pages to display as gibberish. The bug has been persistent across browser upgrades, and across the switch from Vista to Windows 7. The well-documented problem usually happens when Helvetica is set as a font […]

Diminished Reality

Real-time removal of unwanted objects in video feeds…

The Fell Types as TTFs

The Fell Types as open-source Truetype fonts by Ignio Marini. So named because they were imported by John Fell of the Oxford University Press, from Holland circa 1670–1672, to bypass government interference in printing. [ Hat-tip: Propnomicon ] Williams Caslon Complete Family Pack