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I’m Entranced

A truly outstanding first hour, of a two-hour set… * Angel Ace & Victor Prada – Entrance Music Radioshow 042 (Nov 2016) On SoundCloud: 1st hour progressive selection mixed by Victor Prada. 01. Jacob Singer – Survival Human (Gonza Rodriguez Remix) [Incepto Music] 02. Following Light – String Theory (Original Mix) [Saturate Audio] 03. Matter […]


A Coventry man has started a very promising service for remote recruitment and networking of bona fide African talent… “SkilledAfricans, a pan-continental social network that boasts 750,000 members, aims to […] “increase knowledge, and prove knowledge,” says CEO and co-founder Dr. Nicolas Bussard. The website and app — which launches this week — are designed […]

Cat Hampurr

Stoke-on-Trent based cat subscription company Cat Hampurr. A different cat, boxed and delivered to your door each month. No… it’s not actually quite as cool as that. They actually send you a monthly box of tempting kittie-nibbles and feline fun stuff.

Visit the British Museum using Google Streetview

You can walk through the British Museum, using Google Streetview… “Built over 15 months with the help of a Google employee with a camera on wheels … completed by the Google Cultural Institute after hours, with special lightbulbs being installed to ensure the lighting remained the same through the galleries.”

BBC: stormy outlook

Looks like I won’t be enjoying the elegant design of the BBC’s per-day / 5-day weather forecast for much longer. The BBC is set to swop the Met Office data feed for either a Dutch or a New Zealand weather company, according to The Economist. Oh well. What’ll be needed then, come the Autumn, is […]

Google StreetView: Mongolia

Google StreetView, Mongolia. Off-road trails, too. “Last fall we strapped a Street View camera onto a four-wheel drive pickup truck to begin capturing 360-imagery from rugged Mongolian roads. Since then we’ve also gone off-road to capture images of the country’s most beautiful places with Ariuntuul, our Mongolian Trekker operator, who carried the 18-kg Street View […]

Just add bears…

DatumExplorer v01. Digitally scan an entire British woodland, record its complex sounds and acoustics, create a mapped computer simulation, add bears and other extinct animals…

People’s Archive of Rural India

People’s Archive of Rural India, a major new venture from the former Rural Affairs Editor at The Hindu newspaper…

L Fest lands in North Staffordshire

L Fest… “is the UK’s award winning lesbian music, arts & comedy festival, returning in 2014 from 18th-21st July in Staffordshire. L Fest is a weekend celebration of live music, lesbian authors, workshops, lesbian cinema, comediennes, games, river cruises, speed dating, camping and more held at a new location this year at Uttoxeter Racecourse in […]

Sea Monsters Museum

Iceland has a Sea Monster Museum.

Jobs of the future

Jobs of the future. A list that panders rather too heavily, for my taste, to the affluent eco-worrier / health faddist / quack psychotherapist (‘Cognitive Behavioural Therapist’, blugh) brigade. But here are the new job possibilities that I found most interesting… Rewilder (Undoes environmental damage, removes fences, repairs ecosystems, genetically recreates extinct species etc) Nostalgist […]


$550 bamboo WarkaWater towers, producing 25 gallons of drinkable water each day from water dew in the air. Set for real-world tests in Ethiopia in 2015.

Six-inch to the mile OS maps, free

Six-inch to the mile Ordnance Survey maps, 1842-1952, now free and synced onto Google Maps.

To celebrate its fifth birthday my academic search-engine has updated its front page, to reflect the fact that it has grown beyond the arts and humanities focus. JURN can now search and access full-text on most academic topics. All open access or otherwise free. Tip: searching using intitle:keyword “key phrase” works very well.

Lady Dinah’s Cat Cafe

Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium, London’s (and possibly the UK’s) first dedicated cat cafe. Opening soon in Shoreditch. Website is likely to have been crashed by traffic, at present, but here’s the promo video…

New data visualisation website, Human Progress.


Treezilla beta… “We’re making a monster map of Britain’s trees. Use Treezilla to record the trees near you…” The front page needs a little layout tweaking for Chrome, but it’s still in beta.

Playing out

Playing out is a new grassroots website on how to temporarily reclaim your street from cars, so that the “new baby boom” generation of young kids can play in it…

5-day BBC weather forecast gets an elegant design makeover

Loving the new design for the BBC five-day weather forecast on the Web… The forecast has become remarkably accurate over the last decade or so, especially at the 48 hour range. Anyone with old fashioned preconceptions about ‘not being able to trust a weather forecast’ might do well to think again in regard to their […]

British Postal Museum, online exhibitions

The British Postal Museum: online exhibitions. “Post Office rules stated that game [animals], including rabbits, could be posted with nothing but a neck label as long as ‘no liquid is likely to exude’”… The London photography exhibition “The Post Office in Pictures” runs at The Lumen until 31st August 2012.