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Jewellery Quarter A-Z

A new A-Z directory of jewellery / silversmithing firms and artisans operating in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter. With added blog, and property search facilities. If you hop down there today, you’ll find the quarter has an Open Studios day, as part of Brilliantly Birmingham. Also; there’s currently a £3m bid for a silversmithing museum in the […]

The Derringer

An unusual petrol-pedal hybrid bicycle, the Derringer, from California. With retro styling that harks back to the sort of 1920s motorcycles that my family business used to make, way back then, in Birmingham…

Old Square, Corporation St.

Birmingham Central blog delves into the history of the Old Square. It’s at the most elevated point of Birmingham’s Corporation Street, and is a place I often walk through (it holds the big Christmas tree and the Tony Hancock memorial) on the way to BIAD. Hard to imagine that it once looked like this… … […]

To the Spectobarathrum!

The Colmore Fatagravures… Basilisks, Dragonelles and Dragonettes of The English and Scottish Borders

After the rains

  (Larger version, 100kb)   (Larger version, 100kb)  

Moon swans

Larger version, 120kb)

Hobbit forming

Simon Dale has built a low-impact organic home in nearby Wales for £3,000…

Eric Ravilious DVD, book, show

I’m always on the lookout for DVD documentaries on photographers, so I was pleased to hear we have a rarity; a documentary about a British rather than an American photographer. James Ravilious: A World in Pictures (2005) is a “director’s cut” expanded version of a broadcast on 15th Nov broadcast as part of BBC4’s The […]

Buttered cats

Nice; Greg Williams has over 30 Wikipedia entries interpreted as cartoon strips. [ Hat-tip: Drawn! ]

Hand-made maps

Molly Maps collects and shows a select handful of her beautiful hand-made maps… “Since 2000, I have made over forty custom maps, with fieldwork in ten countries…”

Szarkowski obit.

The London Times has a very good obituary for Szarkowski.

Bat flight

(large version, 170kb)

Last Dream

“Last dream” (Flash, broadband required) is a new interactive storytelling-artwork by Dreaming Methods. For those who are stumped by the way to step through the screens, the author has some slight spoiler-tips on his weblog, to help you work through the dream-logic.

Kelly Watch the Stars

(large version, 240kb) Air’s Kelly-Watch-the-Stars (.mp3, 5mb)

Andy Goldsworthy

A long profile of Andy Goldsworthy, in today’s Observer, which goes beyond the usual ‘Sunday newspaper’ artpiffle.

Pre-dada photocompositing

Surreal pre-dada photocompositing, circa 1908-1910 in North America…

Aurelien Police

The personal galleries of Aurélien Police are interesting, not simply because he’s part of the current tidal-wave of young artists making contemporary fantastic art in illustration and painting (less so in photography); but also because there’s an almost-seamless blend between illustration and photography in many of his works. If you look at his “About” page […]

The Peacock and the Crow

My third experimental learning-exercise in Photoshop , to learn more about how to do proper compositing, using my own original photographs (about ten, this time). My technique is still not good enough, but it’s getting better… (large version, 240kb)

Oscar Guzman

Oh brilliant; a photographer who combines neu-real photocompositing with Myst-like semi-abandoned industrial cityscapes (which I’ve been blogging about recently). Oscar Guzman (Flash site)…

Mr W.H.

There’s to be a special edition of The South Bank Show about the poet W.H. Auden, who has his centenary on 21st February. It’s on 11th or 18th February 07 (sources differ, but it’ll be on ITV, 11.10pm). There will also be later broadcasts on Radio 3, a programme on BBC Four, and an evening […]