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“The Pilot’s Dilemma”

“The Pilot’s Dilemma”, my new bit of CG Photoshop-ery. Click on the picture for the full-size version.

Sam Buxton

Your business card, after passing it to Sam Buxton…

The trouble with picture books

Authors and illustrators of young children’s books have today issued a joint proclamation…

The Victorian photo-cycle

Long before the Google StreetView tricycle, the steampunk -esque Victorian photo-cycle (Scientific American, April 1885) with mounted camera …

Moon triptych

Music for Games

Music for Games, 17 musical tinkerings under a Creative Commons Attribution, ShareAlike licence. Download here (70mb .zip file containing: 17 x .mp3 files, artwork and Creative Commons notice).

H.P. Lovecraft meets Robinson Crusoe

Crusoe : the Macabre Later Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, as transcribed from an ancient secret manuscript by Mr. H.P. Lovecraft. A new work which carefully re-mixes and alters the first third of Daniel Defoe’s second Crusoe novel using the words of H.P. Lovecraft, adding my own words and new plot to create a new 70-page […]

Brown & friend

A photo from the big re:location artists’ show in Smethwick, that I didn’t even know I had. Only a version of Photoshop that came out five years after the event was able to recover the photo from obscurity, and bring out a decent (or indecent, according to your tastes) picture… You’ll need a good monitor, […]

A couple of Lovecraftian composites

A couple of Lovecraftian faux-postcards I made with Photoshop , from about five photos each… It would have been Lovecraft’s 120th birthday on 20th August.

Space Patrol updated

Some readers may remember I put together a July 2009 Spotify compilation album Space Patrol : the rise of early British electropop… “The early evolution of the British electropop sound, presented in chronological date order over the seminal years from 1977 until 1983.” I’m pleased to say that the solo John Foxx tracks and one […]

Cirque du Freak titles

The lovely CG shadow puppetry of the Cirque du Freak title-credits sequence, playing in a nice large Quicktime window…

Rockwell’s photographs

The staged photographs of Norman Rockwell…

Caught the moon



Little Wheel

Another beautiful little Flash game. Anything using a silhouette style of art has me straight away. Little Wheel is a free point n’ click puzzle game in which you have to restore a robot civilisation to life, 10,000 years after an accident killed it… My one problem with Flash games such as this is most […]

AREA Magazine

Do we need yet another arts/cultural listings service? Well, we’ve got one — in the shape of Fused magazine’s new AREA Magazine [delinked, Feb 2012 – now a spam site]… “This is the debut issue of AREA Magazine that covers July and August 09. We decided to combine the two months as there isn’t a […]


Beautiful valvepunk crafts by Mike Rivamonte, who makes robots from recycled materials…

Insects in pictures

Insects in children’s picture books, an online gallery… “Illustrations in children’s books encourage little readers to identify with furry creatures, as Beatrix Potter, Fabulist shows. But insects, with their compound eyes, antennae, wings, and three pairs of legs, are frequently represented in ways that provoke fear, disgust, and annoyance, with the notable exception of books […]

Nicole Dextras

Nicole Dextras. Yuca Prom Dress.

‘The rain, the blossom’

Phew; I’m starting to relax, after the end of term on Friday and clearing the emails and other things over the weekend. Spring, so far away…