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“The Pilot’s Dilemma”

“The Pilot’s Dilemma”, my new bit of CG Photoshop-ery. Click on the picture for the full-size version.


My springtime wallpaper, 1920px. I found this lying in the grass and photographed it, in Birmingham a couple of springs ago now…

Blogging wormholes

Running pro-active blogs on multiple topics, I seem to have found a strange law of blogging. There’s usually about a thirty percent chance, while actively searching on a topic, of finding something that can be posted to one of the other blogs. Odd.

JURN fully updated

My JURN search engine has been thoroughly link-checked (by running Linkbot on the Directory) and URL-checked (by running dark-side SEO software on the Search index) for continuing presence of URLs in Google Search results. Repairs have been made, and JURN is now as free from link-rot as it’ll ever be. The JURN project is coming […]

West Midlands events listing updated for 2012

Got your shiny new 2012 calendar? Looking a bit blank? My West Midlands events listing has been updated, with what’s already been announced for 2012. Doubtless there will be more to come by January/February.

D’log big feed

Over on the D’log sidebar, a new feature. An RSS ‘uber-feed’ from all my blogs, Flickrstream, and my

Lulu offers free USA shipping

My 2011 book Walking With Cthulhu: H.P. Lovecraft as psychogeographer, New York City 1924-26 is free as a PDF. If you prefer to read as a paperback, then Lulu currently have free ground shipping for the book in the USA, through 23rd Nov 2011. Just input code RUSH at the Lulu checkout. This free shipping […]

London Reimagined: an anthology of visions of the future city – now free

I’m giving away the full free version of my anthology London Reimagined: an anthology of visions of the future city (PDF link). The book is a historical anthology. It’s generally intended as a ‘taster’ for science-fiction readers who think they might possibly be interested in the Victorian literature on the destruction of London, but who […]

Visiting Myself : 16 poems

I’ve collected 16 of my poems into a slim volume, titled Visiting Myself. The pamphlet is a selection drawn from poems published in various small magazines over the years, plus one new addition that appeared on D’log. Illustrated 6×9″ perfect-bound paperback, at cost price. The Lulu download version will give a full and free preview, […]

Word cloud for Spyders

Word cloud preview for my new novel. And no, science-fiction buffs, the presence of the word ‘Morlock’ doesn’t reveal the nature of the monster(s). There’s a character called Mr. Morlock Bones. Here’s one with a few of the more unusual words weighted, although unfortunately it doesn’t seem to have picked up ‘hogboy’…

The Spyders of Burslem – new Midlands novel

The Spyders of Burslem is a dark historical mystery, published this Halloween. “It is the year 1869 in the Midlands pottery town of Burslem, where a new age of industry and learning struggles to be born. A young graduate has arrived to teach the workers, but finds himself on the trail of a deadly evil.” […]

How to restore the default font configuration in Google Chrome

One of the most annoying things with Google Chrome can be the inability to restore the default font configuration. It happens like this… some users accidentally press down the Crtl key on their keyboard, and then nudge their mouse scroll-wheel at the same time. On many systems this causes font size to increase or decrease […]

New Kindle ebook

I’m pleased to say that my Lovecraft in Historical Context: further essays book is now available as an ebook on the Amazon Kindle Store, for the Kindle ereader. My new original short story “The Quest to Azathoth” fronts this new 30,000 word collection of essays, so by downloading a free 10% sample you’ll be able […]

H.P. Lovecraft as psychogeographer – now for the Kindle

I’m pleased to say that my latest book is now available as an ebook for the Amazon Kindle ereader: on the USA Kindle Store and the U.K. Kindle Store. The hand-coded Kindle edition has a linked table-of-contents, and a fully-linked “round trip” endnotes system. If anyone needs a scholarly book hand-coded for the Kindle from […]

H.P. Lovecraft as psychogeographer, New York City 1924-26

My new scholarly book on H.P. Lovecraft has just been published, and I’m experimenting with giving a PDF away for free. Walking With Cthulhu: H.P. Lovecraft as psychogeographer, New York City 1924-26 is 55,000 words, 198 pages, illustrated. In exchange for the ‘free’ bit, can you give the new book a web link on your […]

Fixing Firefox 4.0 final

I just installed Firefox 4.0 final, which is officially out-of-beta and available now. Happy to see that the JURN toolbar and all my Addons work with v4.0, except Font Replacer. My 10 quick steps to taming Firefox 4…. 1. Restored top Menu to “always show” — press Alt | Go: View | Toolbars | tick […]

Project Finder – a crowdfunding project search-tool

Project Finder. My new simple search-engine to help you find projects to fund, searching across 14 crowd-funding websites.

Fun with the Tron-look

My original background matte and light-bike trail, plus the videogame’s light-bike 3D model extracted, converted and then lit/posed in the foreground. My lighting setup. Looks best against grey/black. Real-time rendered. And I’ve made my background matte ‘Creative Commons Attribution’. Again, you’ll need a good monitor and a grey/black background to see the detail…

The Home of The Hangman

My attempt to emulate a dark old oil painting in straight 3D CG, allowing no more than very minor Photoshop post-work. All the lighting is CG, and Photoshop was really only used to finesse some of the hard edges on the water/sky. For those who’re familiar with 3D CG work, this isn’t rendered in the […]

JURN at 4,002

Two years after launch, my JURN search-engine has indexed the 4,000th free arts & humanities academic journal. For those who want home pages rather than searchable articles, there’s also my big organised list of over 2,700 free or partly-free English-language ejournals. Minor spin-offs during the project have included the basic-but-functional Earworm search-engine for academic podcasts, […]