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Pop off

I’m researching the 2018 gallery exhibitions. I’ve lost count of the number of galleries that block my Web browser’s view within micro-seconds of arrival, with their infernal marketing-spam pop-over layers. Any I have a few browser add-ons that try to stop such things. Between this and the pollution of the search results, how does anyone […]

Totally locked out of my Flickr account

Sigh. I’m totally locked out of my Flickr account, which I have had for years and which has thousands of photos. Access suddenly stopped working. According to Yahoo, there’s no way to recover it… “Before we can assist someone with a Flickr account, we need to verify that they’re the owner. To do this, we […]

Apologies for the downtime

My apologies for the downtime on the this blog, from 8th-13th April 2017. My hosting provided was swapping over their database server, and it affected the database tables that WordPress needs in order to work properly. Hopefully everything has been sorted out now, and the blog seems to have been stable for the last week.

The TV Tax

Oh dear, the government seems to be headed blindly towards a new form of Poll Tax. Compulsory TV Licence payments for all households, if they have TV or not. Not having a TV, and not having had one for the last 20 years, I certainly won’t be paying a tax to support BBC TV. All […]

New service: archaeological illustration

Your favourite view, sent back in time! I’m pleased to use this view of Bradwell Wood in North Staffordshire to launch a new paid service, offering affordable archaeological illustration. I’m now able to use data maps to recreate a historical bird’s eye view of any landscape in the UK, seen from any direction or elevation. […]

2020: Tracking Optimism

New Year, new blog.

Windows desktop replacements

Good to hear that Linux founder Linus Torvalds “Still wants the desktop” for Linux. I’m currently looking at Linux + WINE, and also the interesting reverse-engineered ‘open Windows’ ReactOS as future desktop OS replacements for Windows circa 2015.

To celebrate its fifth birthday my academic search-engine has updated its front page, to reflect the fact that it has grown beyond the arts and humanities focus. JURN can now search and access full-text on most academic topics. All open access or otherwise free. Tip: searching using intitle:keyword “key phrase” works very well.

Sidebar links checked and repaired

I’ve checked all of D’log‘s sidebar links by hand and eye, and repaired or deleted if needed.

My new Windows 8.1 Metro themed desktop

New Year, new desktop design at D’log… The rationale: I liked the design flair and sheer chutzpah of the Windows 8 look, but loathed the clunky Microsoftist “do it our way, or else” implementation. Having successfully bypassed Microsoft’s apps / store and other impositions with my new Windows 8.1 PC, I still wanted the Windows […]

Lovecraft in Historical Context #4

Available now in paperback, my book Lovecraft in Historical Context: a fourth collection. My fourth annual collection of scholarly essays on H.P. Lovecraft, his works and times. 76,000 words, 300 pages.

JURN checked for linkrot and updated

My JURN search-engine has had its full six-monthly check and update, via my repurposing some handy ‘dark side’ SEO software, with linkrot fully repaired. JURN searches and retrieves the full-text of over 4,400 free ejournals in the arts & humanities, 3,000 of which are in English.


What if you could blend a woolly LETS-like skills time-bank scheme with a more proven form like Kickstarter, such that people in a travel-region could pledge their skilled time (rather than money) to a project that had specific stepped goals? Local business sponsors might have a small part to play, providing a little money for […]

Space Patrol in orbit, finally

I’ve finally been able to add Thomas Leer’s “Private Plane” (1979) to my definitive chronological-order music history collection, Space Patrol: the rise of early British electropop, 1977-1983. The collection is now complete. Freely available on Spotify… Track listing:— 01 – Ultravox! (Foxx & Eno) – “My Sex” (45rpm single, Jan 1977) 02 – Ultravox! (Foxx) […]

Disable your keyboard’s CAPS LOCK key in Windows 7

The simple way to disable your keyboard’s CAPS LOCK key in Windows 7: 1.  Download my disable_caps_lock.reg 2.  Right-click on the file disable_caps_lock.reg 3.  Select “Merge”… 4.  Reboot your PC. Now your annoying CAPS LOCK key no longer does anything. Enjoy!

New allotment

I’ve taken on my first allotment. Inevitably, there’s also a new blog for it.


Ugh, just got a reminder that the Web is infested with adverts and other horrid flashing things. My Adblock Plus add-on for Chrome stopped working (last updated April 012). I installed the regular AdBlock (updated Sept 012) instead, and the Web is pure again.

History of the Necronomicon, annotated

H.P. Lovecraft’s “The History of the Necronomicon“, annotated by myself with 7,000 words of scholarly footnotes. I also have a new 25,000 word collection of essays on Lovecraft, available now…

Steampunk Skull & Crossbones

Steampunk Skull & Crossbones… I’ve made this Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial…

A date with Jurn

The search results on my academic search-engine JURN can now be re-sorted by date…