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Stickleback: England’s Glory

This new trade-paperback graphic novel looks interesting. Stickleback: England’s Glory was formerly serialised in the pages of 2000AD. Published in Sept 08, it’s currently available (used) for a low price on Amazon. It vividly mixes Conan Doyle’s and Sax Rhomer’s (he was a Brummie, y’know) visions of Victorian England, the horror mythos of H.P. Lovecraft, […]

Steampunk in videogames

Ars Technica has a long and informed article on in videogames by Michael Thompson, which calls Birmingham’s Brass Goggles… “one of the foremost authorities of the genre on the web” Also on Ars Technica; a good summary of the current mood of the British videogame industry in the face of those newly-alluring state subsidies in […]

The Telectrosope emerges…

The Telectroscope emerges in London… Photo: Zinc Trumpet Photo: MykReeve Photo: MykReeve Photo: Cowfish … but what emerges from the Telectroscope?

The Telectroscope

The Telectroscope, a £400,000 streampunk art project involving a giant undersea tunnel / viewing-device created by British artist Paul St George… “In May 2008 the tunnel will be completed and an extraordinary invention called a Telectroscope will be installed at both ends. Miraculously, people in London [ for a charge of £1 ] will be […]

‘Steampunk Moves Between 2 Worlds’

The New York Times has just published what appears to be the first major feature-article to appear in a newspaper, on the neo-Victorian… “vision of steampunk , a subculture that is the aesthetic expression of a time-traveling fantasy world, one that embraces music, film, design and now fashion, all inspired by the extravagantly inventive age […]

Gis’ a Jobble, Goggles

Birmingham’s Brass Goggles weblog is calling for a “Co-Writer for Brass Goggles” and “Technical Aetherweb Assistance” (WordPress updating, and firing the occasional steam-cannon at evil hackers / spam). I’m wondering if some blogs are actually the seeds of niche magazines?

The Victorian popular fantastic

Just released, to those who can afford £9,500, a huge online collection of images of Victorian stage magic, circus sideshows, and the fantastic supernatural in popular culture. Which inspires the thought that an investor might do worse than make a collection of today’s worthless popular ephemera, and stash it in a vault for 120 years […]

Dark fashion

Fashion takes the temperature of culture… “Medieval warriors, body armour, fabric dissolving into rags, witchcraft, and fetishistically restrictive clothing were all recurrent themes. … With such a strong influence from the darkside, it’s not going to be the easiest of seasons to love. But the good news is, we’ll be absolutely sorted come Halloween.” Diane […]

Dances of Vice Steampunk Festival

Birmingham’s Brass Goggles blog trails the two-day Dances of Vice steampunk Festival in New York. Hopefully there will be some fab costume photography coming out of this, as well as reports on the art shows. Indeed, the lucky-lucky Goggles has tickets and passage booked on the next transatlantic airship… “I’ll be attending the event myself, […]

New Weird

A Guardian blog, on the distinct possibility that science fiction and fantasy is where innovation in contemporary literature is at… “…while frequently characterised as unoriginal and bland, the science fiction, fantasy and horror genres had been engaged in a non-stop process of revolution and evolution stretching back to H.G. Wells and Jules Verne, through Philip […]

Iain McKell

From a recent eight-picture shoot for L’Uomo Vogue, by British photographer Iain McKell… McKell has a passion for documentary photography of British youth and fashion subcultures, which he’s been doing for over 30 years. His monograph photography book Fashion Forever: 30 years of youth subculture appeared in 2004 from Immprint, and is one copy away […]

Photography costumes

Need costumes for photography shoots, or other creative production? Or even your average Gothic Ball? Someone asked me, and I went hunting online. These seem like suitable reliable local sources in the Midlands: Pinocchio, Birmingham. “Over 3,000” in stock. Leans more toward the party and clubbing scene, it seems. Funtasia, Wolverhampton. “Over 1,000” in stock. […]

Fantasy ‘expedition cases’

Alex CF is creating physical ‘expedition cases’, based on fictional expeditions in classic fantastic/horror literature… He also crafts intricate devices, found in some alternate Retropolis…

Eugenio Recuenco

Madame Figaro series, by Eugenio Recuenco; sort of ‘steampunk meets 1793’. He’s obviously very versatile, but a few of his other fashion series also show nu-real influences. Sadly his web-site doesn’t seem to have a section for ‘personal’ work. Courtesy of FotoDecadent: tracking avant-garde fashion photography, a since-2005 LiveJournal blog that regrettably displays no RSS […]

Valvepunk devices

A tasty ‘eccentric devices’ site in the mould, over at Radio Guy. We really need a new term that describes ‘steampunk-ish’ devices that date from after 1901 (death of Queen Victoria), say from 1901 to the Wall St. crash of 1929. “Valvepunk”, anyone? Update: Darn, Robert Kinsey beat me to the coining of ‘valvepunk’, by […]

Modernist steampunk, anyone?

Just in time for the press silly-season, the British steam car challenge. Actually, it might not be quite as silly as it sounds. Practical steam technology has continued to be pushed forward radically since the Victorian era, and is now in a very interesting position, according to this fascinating BBC radio documentary (has the ‘listen […]

Rage against the machine

From The steampunk Project, a free immersive historical old-school RPG about Victorian technology in England. Rage against the Machine: Technology, Rebellion, and the Industrial Revolution (PDF, 4mb) is currently in version 6.0, and is completely free.

Exeter conferences

Exeter University are holding two interesting-sounding conferences in September 2007: Neo-Victorianism : the politics and aesthetics of appropriation (including steampunk , ghosts, “monstrosities”, goth cultures, and queer neo-Victorian fiction, among many other topics); and Text | Landscape | Identity, the culmination of a year-long series of events that seeks to “achieve a rapprochement between geography […]

“It moves!”

Blimey; that was quick. Nary a week after I blogged about the need to support a new wave of steampunk -flavoured crafts, my local county gallery issues a call for submissions. Do you make eccentric clockwork artworks, mechanical sculptures, functioning steampunk crafts, kinetic art, automata, or even art-making robots? If so, the Shire Hall Gallery […]

Nerd crafts

Hmmm… I’ve been musing recently on nerd arts & crafts, but I’m not sure I realised just how far it’s gone. Or should that be “how too far gone it is already”? Meet the Darth Vader hot-air balloon… Before you know it, we’ll have steampunk s flying around in personal zeppelins.