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“And as far off as Birmingham?”

Conan Doyle Convention in Birmingham on 30th May, £15 tickets still remaining. * Tom Ue, giving a talk on Professor Challenger. * Panel: “Exploring Doyle’s Worlds: Sherlock vs Challenger” (Michael R. Brush, Steve Lockley, Jan Edwards, Tom Ue). * Book Launches: Challenger Unbound (anthology of Challenger adventures), Mycroft & The Necromancer. * Panel: Steampunk vs […]

The Wonderful World of Rowland Emett

May 10th sees the opening of “Marvellous Machines: The Wonderful World of Rowland Emett” at The Gas Hall (BM&AG) in Birmingham city centre. Tickets are £5. Emett learned his craft at the Birmingham School of Arts & Crafts, and went on to work from Birmingham as a cartoonist/illustrator and a designer of automata. Most famously […]

Paul Horton

From the large Paul Horton retrospective exhibition, which has recently opened at the Waterhall in BM&AG in Birmingham city centre…

London Reimagined: an anthology of visions of the future city – now free

I’m giving away the full free version of my anthology London Reimagined: an anthology of visions of the future city (PDF link). The book is a historical anthology. It’s generally intended as a ‘taster’ for science-fiction readers who think they might possibly be interested in the Victorian literature on the destruction of London, but who […]

Kirkland’s New Empire Bioscope

The organisers of Wolverhampton’s Kirkland’s New Empire Bioscope are seeking artists working in film/animation, to submit recent work or proposals for work that will be shown as part of a home cinema experience set within an ex-industrial unit, temporarily transformed into a classic British Edwardian ‘fleapit’ cinema. To apply please send proposals, artist’s statement, short […]

James Watt and our World

Just opened in London — a free exhibition celebrating the Birmingham giant of science James Watt, James Watt and our World : the workshop, the man, and the new Industrial Age. The curators have recreated Watt’s attic workshop based on the 6,000 workshop items they’ve had in storage since 1924, and the original photos made […]

Neo-Victorian Studies – steampunk special issue

New issue of the open academic journal Neo-Victorian Studies, on a theme. Including: * “Betrayed by Time : steampunk & the Neo-Victorian in Alan Moore’s Lost Girls and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” * “Time Machines : steampunk in Contemporary Art”

Morgan Threewheeler

The Morgan threewheeler, a classic Edwardian steampunk ish car, the production of which is now being revived in the West Midlands with a 2011 shipping date. It used to be that you actually didn’t need a driving licence if you had a three-wheeler, but I’m sure that loophole has long since been closed.

JoIF: Wells’s Time Machine special issue

A new issue of my open access ‘overlay’ ejournal, Journal of the Imaginary and Fantastic. This themed issue is on H.G. Wells’s The Time Machine, and it includes my new Selected Bibliography of Scholarship on H.G. Wells’s The Time Machine (PDF link).

Violet City

Violet City is… “an independent gothic fantasy film being shot entirely on green screen at the Liverpool Screen School” Apparently it’s a PhD project, and has taken over the whole top floor of the film school. No production pictures yet, it seems. [ Hat-tip: Mark Brereton ]

USB typewriter conversion kit

USB old typewriter conversion kit, on Etsy.

Steampunk at Oxford – the website

For those who were unable to get to Oxford, the Museum of the History of Science has published an online exhibition website for its wildly popular steampunk arts & crafts exhibition. Includes video… “Between 13th October 2009 and 21st February 2010, the Museum held the world’s first major exhibition of steampunk art.”

Make a ‘PC movie’ for under $2k

My costed guide to assembling a ‘complete workflow’ virtual movie-making suite, for under $2,000.

Steampunk Exhibition, Oxford

October 13th is the opening date of the international Steampunk Exhibition. The show premieres at the Museum of the History of Science, University of Oxford, and runs from 14th October to 21st February 2010. Some of the craft objects on show can be seen online here.

Steampunk magazine No.5

Steampunk magazine No.5 has just been published (free online)…


Beautiful valvepunk crafts by Mike Rivamonte, who makes robots from recycled materials…

Neo-Victorian Studies: the steampunk issue

The academic journal Neo-Victorian Studies is planning a special steampunk -themed issue for Summer 2009.

Reclaiming the Machine

“Reclaiming the Machine: An Introductory Look at steampunk in Everyday Practice” (PDF link), part of the first issue of Swansea University’s full-text open ejournal Neo-Victorian Studies… “This paper traces the history of the genre and then moves into an analysis of these crafting practices, asking broad questions about what motivates those who make modern-day objects. […]

I haz a type

If a typewriter were a lolcat…

Return of Brass Goggles

Birmingham’s recently vanished Brass Goggles blog is still alive… “There have been many issues of a technical nature to surmount, some of which are still receiving attention as I write”¦” Meanwhile, you can get a quick dose of crafts loveliness from PingMag…