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Graphic Medicine

Graphic Medicine : the interaction of comics & healthcare. A lively and dedicated website complete with: an occasional podcast; a “This Week in Graphic Medicine” digest; comics reviews; and an annual conference (2018: Vermont / 2019: Brighton, UK).

Comics at Leeds

Not local, but an excellent opportunity: currently wanted is a Course Leader for B.A. (Hons.) Comic and Concept Art at Leeds College of Art.

A history of the comic-book font

Shrewsbury, home of comics crafting

A new BBC News article today on “Shrewsbury – the unofficial home of the British comics industry”. The large market town of Shrewsbury is on the western fringe of the English Midlands, with fairly good connections to the cities of Stoke and Birmingham, and is also home to The Shrewsbury Cartoon Festival. The Festival is […]

Future Shock!: The Story Of 2000 A.D.

I’m a fan of documentaries on creatives and the creative process, especially those rare feature-length documentaries on comics and cartooning. I recently enjoyed the excellent new one on the cartoonists of The New Yorker. Now it’s super to hear about a new feature-length documentary on one of the greatest British weekly comics, the science-fiction comic […]

What is might cost to get a short graphic novel made?

A new edition of the What do Comic Creators Earn? table, this week. So it seems like £130 per page for line-art + colouring would get art from a mid-range artist. I’m assuming that the writer is the one commissioning the artist directly and can do things like… * the finished script * provide the […]

Course in the sight reading of Spanish?

Why are there no adult courses in “sight reading of Spanish” and other similar-to-English written languages? Not in speaking the language, not in writing it, but just in being able to sight read it — to the level where one doesn’t need to puzzle over the surreal Google-isms of Google Translate. Such a course would […]

Neil Gaiman on “How Stories Last”

Neil Gaiman takes on a very timely topic, in the week that saw the superb Tomorrowland cruelly tossed aside at the behest of cynical and uncomprehending critics. Gaiman’s “How Stories Last” is a new and lengthy Long Now Foundation talk, followed by a one-to-one discussion with Stewart Brand. Free audio .mp3 (190Mb). Neil’s talk explores […]

The Comic Electric: A Digital Comics Symposium

Alan Moore’s Electricomics project (Digital R&D Fund for the Arts) is to conclude with an academic conference in the UK in October 2015, The Comic Electric: A Digital Comics Symposium. Ah, but can a shiny digi-slab do this…

Break the frame

The great bard of Northampton is on the job of making open source, open access comics, with a little nudge from some of NESTA’s Digital R&D Fund dosh… “we are assembling teams of the most cutting-edge creators in the industry and then allowing them input into the technical processes in order to create a new […]

The Wonderful World of Rowland Emett

May 10th sees the opening of “Marvellous Machines: The Wonderful World of Rowland Emett” at The Gas Hall (BM&AG) in Birmingham city centre. Tickets are £5. Emett learned his craft at the Birmingham School of Arts & Crafts, and went on to work from Birmingham as a cartoonist/illustrator and a designer of automata. Most famously […]

Innovative comics

A very nice survey of innovations in comic-books: character thought bubbles revealed in ultra-violet light; comics designed to be read from multiple angles; a braille comic for the blind; 80-foot tall comic book as an outdoor projection on a building; blending comics with children’s pop-up books; and more.

Hunt the app

Birmingham’s Hunt Emerson now has his own iPhone app…

From Purgatory to Paradise…

Birmingham’s Hunt Emerson‘s graphic novel adaptation of Dante’s Inferno. Due very soon…

Why does the UK lack a serious comics industry?

Paul Abbott in The Spectator, on the lack of a British comic book industry — compared to America’s Hulk-like industry, and the lively and serious interest in comics shown in France and the low countries. Abbott basically appears to put it down to decades of stuffy political correctness among teachers, London media types, and large […]

Inspirational Osamu Tezuka LOLz

Birmingham Zine Festival – 2012 dates

Birmingham Zine Festival dates for 2012: 12th-15th October.

New Midlands Comics Collective anthology

A new Midlands Comics Collective anthology, due for publication any day now…

British Comics stamps

British Comics character first-class stamps, available now at your local Post Office…

Ronald Searle

The great cartoonist Ronald Searle has passed away.