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The new Lunar Society has four round-table panel discussions at the Ikon gallery in Birmingham, during March and April 2011. Starting on Wednesday 9th March 2011 with “Heritage and the role of art in contemporary society”.

‘Bac to the future’ for 14-18s

The ‘top’ universities are set to issue a warning to potential undergraduates: don’t study “Media Studies, Art and Design, Photography” if you want to get a place at the likes of Oxford and Cambridge. You might get away with just one of those, but no more. Well, I’m pretty sure that most potential entrants already […]

Dudley cuts

The arts in Dudley… “From 547 responses to 1,000 paper questionnaires and 1,078 website visits, only one area, arts and entertainment, got a [public] vote in favour of reduced spending.” “Cuts are in the pipeline”

17% cuts to Brum arts budget

Chris Unitt digs up the real arts budget for Birmingham in 2011/12. An overall 17% cut for 2010/11, it seems.

David Wojnarowicz film now online

A U.S. art gallery, associated with the venerable Smithsonian Institute, buckles under pressure from The Catholic League, and pulls a filmic meditation on AIDS and its victims, by David Wojnarowicz. Followed by hysterical calls for funding cuts from a US politician. The creator of the soundtrack used in the censored film responded pithily… “What the […]


Sponsor 121 is an online hub for connecting sponsors and seekers of sponsorship, and the service is based in London. The rather naff name, and a website design that looks like a domain-squatter’s template, don’t give a great first impression — but look under the surface and there’s potentially an interesting new UK-centric service, and […]

Arts & Business cut

Arts Council England has reportedly taken the decision to “completely cut funding to Arts & Business from 2012”, preceded by a 50% cash cut to the organisation in 2011/12. It’s tempting to see this as having something to do with a political desire to undermine the government’s vision of more business involvement in the arts. […]

Arts & culture cuts at a glance

This seems to be the sum of the most recent arts/culture cuts… Direct cuts: * BBC — 16% percent cut to its budget, licence fee frozen for six years. * National museums — grants cut by 15%, but must keep free admission. * DCMS (Department of Culture, Media and Sports) — must cut administration costs […]

Bigger Thinking for Small Cities

Bigger Thinking for Small Cities (PDF link) a new discussion paper from a consortium of smaller cities in the East of England. Also available is their initial November 2009 discussion paper (PDF link). One of the common sense suggestions… “the creation of “functional cultural areas”. The areas would be defined by the distances people travel […]

Specs on for art

A lengthy report on the Spectator arts funding debate… “The arts doesn’t sponge off the taxpayer, he said, it’s the other way around. The subsidy supports the burgeoning tourism market.” […] the proportion of arts funding to GDP was pretty small 1 if you compared it with the marketing budget of a multinational” 3 percent […]

UK arts cuts groups/sites

My list of those tracking / discussing / lobbying against the forthcoming arts cuts in the UK… Save the Arts. I Value the Arts. AIR Activists (Artists’ Newsletter group). artsfunding @ Ning. Arts & Business: Forum for Arts, Culture & Heritage. National Campaign for the Arts. Arts Council’s Advocacy Kit & Guide to Lobbying MPs. […]

The left’s last stand

It seems the trades union dinosaurs are hankering for yet another futile re-run of the 1980s, and actually expecting public sympathy. There’s a similar situation among local publicly-funded service organisations, according to a report from the BBC debate on the forthcoming spending cuts, held in West Bromwich… “many council leaders and representatives of public sector […]

Hard news on hard cuts

The Art Newspaper has some hard news on the forthcoming arts cuts… “The Treasury has warned of cuts of around 25% to 30% for nearly all departments, with the spending review due to be announced on 20th October, covering the financial years 2011-12 to 2014-15. DCMS [Dept. for Culture, Media and Sport] expenditure on the […]

The most recent abolitions

The news has been widely reported in the arts press, but here’s a round-up of the most recent cuts: The new government has announced the abolition of the Film Council. Established by Labour in 2000 to distribute Lottery money, over the last decade it has dished out £160m to various British films — almost all […]

Education, education, education

A Facebook page for the Save The BCU Birmingham School of Media Against the £230,000 Cut. Frankly, I didn’t even know we had a Birmingham School of Media. Wrong campus, and I don’t think it’s part of BIAD. So I can’t honestly say… “ooh, worth saving!”, etc — because I know nothing of it in […]

Arty parties

The BBC website ponders what impact the new government will have on arts and culture. Dreary stuff such as the bill for the London Olympics, radio/TV regulation and the BBC licence fee all loom large. But also, down at the bottom of the page, mention that… “Arts spending will also come under scrutiny as government […]

Emerging workers

Lyn Gardner muses on the new Arts Group report Emerging workers: a fair future for entering the creative industries… “I think we should be asking why, according to the report, 40% of graduates entering the cultural sector do so through working unpaid — not least because it has massive implications in terms of access. It […]

20% cuts to the arts?

From today’s The Stage… “A new report, After the Downturn, which was written by the Society of Local Authority Chief Executives and the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy, envisages reductions of between 7.5% and 15% in public spending in the 2011-14 spending round. It also suggests that ring-fencing areas such as health and […]

Cutting and running

The Birmingham Post has a useful outline of some of the possibilities for Olympic-sized funding cuts to the arts in the West Midlands, although it’s understandably tentative and carefully steers clear of the Arts Council’s own tedious restructuring/downsizing issues.

Slash and burn

Front page lead-story on the paper version of today’s Guardian, “Thousands to lose jobs as universities prepare to cope with cuts… “Universities across the country are preparing to axe thousands of teaching jobs, close campuses and ditch courses to cope with government funding cuts, the Guardian has learned. Other plans include using post-graduates rather than […]