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A Coventry man has started a very promising service for remote recruitment and networking of bona fide African talent… “SkilledAfricans, a pan-continental social network that boasts 750,000 members, aims to […] “increase knowledge, and prove knowledge,” says CEO and co-founder Dr. Nicolas Bussard. The website and app — which launches this week — are designed […]

Arts funding and local government – new report

Just released, a new PDF report from the Arts Council and the New Local Government Network. It covers topics such as: the dip in funding that comes via local councils (a 19% cut in the West Midlands, since 2010); the ongoing pressure on small museums; the move toward trusts, home-brewed fundraising and commercial ventures; and […]

Gi’ It Some ‘Ommer

The new academic book Regional Aesthetics: Mapping UK Media Cultures has a chapter on ITV’s screen representations of some aspects of Black Country traditions and ways-of-life. ITV’s regional programming in the early 1970s reflected that particular moment in our history when there was an emerging awareness of the enormity of what was being lost in […]

The new White Paper on Culture

The government’s new Culture White Paper has just been published. Here’s my quick summary of points which seem relevant to the West Midlands, and which were not raised in the recent budget speech… * “A new cultural citizens programme [to] be led by Arts Council England and the Heritage Lottery Fund [which] will reach across […]

Budget round-up for creatives

A round-up some of the key points from today’s Budget speech in Parliament, likely to be of interest to creatives and small businesses… * There will be tax-breaks for museums and galleries which devise and tour major new touring exhibitions. No details, but presumably it will work in the same way as existing help for […]

BBC iPlayer and the TV licence fee

A forthcoming new law will mean that “Those who watch catch-up BBC iPlayer on tablets will be forced to pay [the TV] licence fee”… “One option being considered is to make users sign in with a password linked in with a television licence before they can watch live or catch-up programmes.” Well, that’s up to […]

State magazine

State magazine, a new Birmingham magazine for… “insight into the lives of creative individuals within the music industry”

Social Media in an English Village

A new open ebook, based on detailed grassroots research, “Social Media in an English Village”… “Daniel Miller spent 18 months undertaking an ethnographic study with the residents of an English village [less than one hour from Central London by train, so perhaps not that typical…], tracking their use of the different social media platforms. […] […]

Society of Indexers comes to Birmingham

The Society of Indexers has chosen Birmingham for their 2016 national one-day conference. The venue will be The Studio, on the edge of Birmingham city centre, on Tuesday 13th September 2016.

West Mids events listing 2016

Slightly later than usual, this year, the D’log West Mids events 2016 forward events listing. Just the fab stuff, as usual, mostly Birmingham. Highlights include: Music Interaction Design (MiXD) 2016. Develop3D live. Rhythm Changes (conference on jazz music). Comics Uncovered.

Future Shock!: The Story Of 2000 A.D.

I’m a fan of documentaries on creatives and the creative process, especially those rare feature-length documentaries on comics and cartooning. I recently enjoyed the excellent new one on the cartoonists of The New Yorker. Now it’s super to hear about a new feature-length documentary on one of the greatest British weekly comics, the science-fiction comic […]

The details on postgraduate Masters loans

Keele University has just posted new details on the government’s forthcoming Masters degree loans scheme. Looking at this news, and also at the government’s consultation PDF linked to by Keele, the details of the scheme now appear to be as follows:— * A £10,000 loan to pay for a one-year full-time taught Masters degree, on […]

Centre for Printing History and Culture

A new Centre for Printing History and Culture, likely to be of interest to those who know their paste-up from their blow-up… “The Centre for Printing History and Culture, a joint initiative between Birmingham City University (BCU) and the University of Birmingham, was launched […] on Wednesday 25 November. The Centre consists of academics, curators, […]

The Chancellor’s Autumn Statement – measures on arts and cultural industries

Some notes on the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement today, in terms of new measures likely to affect the arts and creative industries:- * The Small Business Rate Relief scheme will be extended for another year. * Apprenticeship funding will be increased and expanded, there will be a total of “3 million apprentices” by 2020. * “Every […]

The online shop, or not

Do you ever fill up your online shopping cart with goodies, only to then abandon the site without buying them? You’re not alone. While the people of the West Midlands are the most prolific gift-givers in the UK at 2015 (an average of 17 Xmas presents, given to more than eight family & friends), we’re […]

The Design Economy

A new report from the Design Council, The Design Economy (only the executive summary is free)… * Worth £71.7bn GVA to the UK in 2013. * Provided 7.3% of exports in 2013. * Increased in size by 27.9% during the great recession of 2009-2013. * Design employs approx. 580,000 people directly in the UK, with […]

Birmingham’s new Cultural Strategy 2015-2019

Birmingham’s new Cultural Strategy 2015-2019 is now open for public consultation. Stripped of Council-speak it might be boiled down to… * integrate culture with new developments and the city’s big infrastructure / transport projects. * integrate culture with the more mundane and everyday type of public services. * promote the Jewellery Quarter as a centre […]

Local robo-journalism

A classic example of how not to do robo-journalism… wrong categories, no evidence of human curation (other than the appaling header graphic), several jobs are actually out of the area and on others the deadlines have passed.

What is might cost to get a short graphic novel made?

A new edition of the What do Comic Creators Earn? table, this week. So it seems like £130 per page for line-art + colouring would get art from a mid-range artist. I’m assuming that the writer is the one commissioning the artist directly and can do things like… * the finished script * provide the […]

The TV Tax

Oh dear, the government seems to be headed blindly towards a new form of Poll Tax. Compulsory TV Licence payments for all households, if they have TV or not. Not having a TV, and not having had one for the last 20 years, I certainly won’t be paying a tax to support BBC TV. All […]