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National Photography Symposium 2014

National Photography Symposium 2014: ‘Integrity’, 12th (students afternoon) – 13th (orgs day) – 14th (photographers day) June 2014 at the The Library of Birmingham. £75, which can be defrayed by concessions and membership deals.

£500 to hire the Light House

The main downstairs gallery at The Light House, Wolverhampton, is now available for hire for wall-mounted artworks or photography. £500 for two weeks, inclusive of installing and removal. “Longer periods may be negotiated”.

‘You’ll believe a nerd can fly!’

Drone with real-time streaming HD video steady-cam + a connected Oculus Rift = flying like a bird. Or, more likely, Drone Races!

Flickr paper photobooks

Flickr have integrated print-on-demand photobooks, under the Creations tab. Currently showing cost in dollars, so perhaps not yet available in the UK? It’ll be interesting to see how the quality compares with Blurb.

Up Against the Wall

We may have recently lost The Light House for photography, but we’ve now gained The Photographer’s Wall in the new Library of Birmingham… “Launched in January 2014 the space will feature the works of emerging and established fine art photographers and will highlight the ambition and talent of some of the region’s best photographers.” The […]

Birmingham Arts & Crafts

Joe Turner blogs on the Arts & Crafts movement in Birmingham, and is off in search of more… “It is interesting that a movement with such radical roots might now be perceived to encapsulate quite conservative — and very English — ideas about suburbia and the rural idyll. It is this, as well as the […]

Light switch

Sad to hear that the long-standing high profile photography exhibition space at The Light House in Wolverhampton has been denied £90k of continuation funding by the Arts Council. The report suggest the Light House gallery space will now be switched over to other art forms.

DIY Google StreetView

Disappointed that Google StreetView doesn’t cover your favorite bit of the Midlands? Google has just launched a new tool that enables anyone to make a set of StreetView photos, and upload them to Google Maps. You can also use it create a virtual tour inside a building, for your visitors. I imagine there’s going to […]

This was Birmingham

Some pictures of old Birmingham, rescued from the This is Birmingham Facebook group (soon to close)… Just right of the New St. station ramp, with what is now Waterstones on the corner. Underground loos entrance in the centre of the road. Mid 1960s? Bull Ring Market elevated shops area, 1966. Half way down Corporation St.? […]

From Darkroom to Digital

“From Darkroom to Digital” opens 16th November 2013 at the Wolverhampton Art Gallery. On display will be one of the versions of Rejlander’s groundbreaking combination print “The Two Ways of Life”…

Photographing in galleries

I just encountered (yet again) an officious photography policy in a free public-sector museum and gallery. What is the point of filling in a slip of paper, when they never ask for proof of ID? If I was really a pro photographer looking to rip them off for commercial stock photography, then I would give […]


The new Grain photography hub, based the new Birmingham Library, has its website online.

Visualising the Rural

Visualising the Rural is a photography conference set for 4th-5th July 2013 in Cumbria. It will look at the growing neglect of the countryside in terms of its visual representation in serious photography, struggling amid waves of slanted imagery from tourist boards and eco-worriers alike.

PhD Studentship in the History of Photography

A rare PhD Studentship is on offer in the History of Photography, in Leicester.


New Birmingham photography hub to be located in the new Library of Birmingham… “a major £162,000 grant by Arts Council England to undertake a 2 year project to create a new strategic hub and network for photography and photographers in collaboration with national and international partners. The project will be called Grain.” […] “researching, developing […]

Photography & Narrative

Third-year undergraduate course in Photography & Narrative from Coventry University… “Photography and Narrative is a B.A. Hons. third-year undergraduate class […] ten weeks of practical study” But it’s also JISC-funded to run online as a free open course.

Feathered Rocketeer

Feathered Rocketeer attendee portrait by Soulstealer — at the Steampunk Convention in Lincoln, England, September 2012.

LOLcats in the London galleries

For the LOL of Cats, a LOLcats exhibition at The Photographer’s Gallery in London, until 6th January 2013. Followed by LOLcat: teh exhibishun at The Framers’ Gallery, also in London, opening 23rd January 2013.

Faking It

Just opened in New York, the first major exhibition on Faking It: Manipulated Photography Before Photoshop, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 200 pictures. Until 27th January 2013, with sponsorship from Adobe. Above: Dora Maar, “Le simulateur” (1936). Simple two-picture photomontage: upside-down image of a sewer interior, with the boy pasted onto it. If you […]

Midlands Music Photography exhibition

Midlands Music Photography Exhibition, opens 27th October 2012 at Birmingham’s Custard Factory.