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Totally locked out of my Flickr account

Sigh. I’m totally locked out of my Flickr account, which I have had for years and which has thousands of photos. Access suddenly stopped working. According to Yahoo, there’s no way to recover it… “Before we can assist someone with a Flickr account, we need to verify that they’re the owner. To do this, we […]

Birmingham like Paris

Birmingham New St. toward the Town Hall, circa 1900-1912? Looking like Paris. Lightly repaired and colorised… The silent film “Light-House Keepers”, seen being advertised, can’t give a firm fix on the date as it appears to be a ‘forgotten movie’.

Bringing the Express & Star photo archives online

There’s a Facebook page for The Express & Star photo archive project, which seems set to make a big bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund. The project seems to have made a start earlier this year, involving volunteers sorting the archives, having secured seed funding to “explore” the archives in late 2015. I can’t immediately […]

Photographers’ Identities Catalog

PIC – the Photographers’ Identities Catalog. Sadly my Web browser wasn’t deemed worthy enough to enter, but yours may have better luck. “Photographers’ Identities Catalog (PIC) is an experimental interface to a collection of biographical data describing photographers, studios, manufacturers, and others involved in the production of photographic images. Consisting of names, nationalities, dates, locations […]

Mind the gap…

Google Street View now has the first full UK walking trail online, in 360-degree walkable form. It’s the ancient North Downs Way, stretching 153 miles from Farnham — Canterbury — the White Cliffs of Dover. Next up is the Cleveland Way, and the rest of the UK’s main long-distance National Trails are scheduled to go […]

Graven images

I had thought that news stories about ridiculous bans on photography in public places were a thing of the New Labour past. But now it seems that Birmingham City Council wants to ban photography of public gravestones… “Council bans amateur historians from taking photos of heritage graves”. The Council obviously doesn’t have a clue about […]

Project Apollo Archive

Over 8,000 hi-res Moon Landing photos made by the NASA astronauts have been added to Flickr, at the Project Apollo Archive albums.

New Phyllis Nicklin exhibition in Birmingham

A new Phyllis Nicklin photography exhibition has opened in Birmingham, containing previously unseen pictures of the city in the 1950s and 60s. Demolition of terrace homes, Aston, presumably 1960s. Bromford Estate tower blocks, 1968.

Google StreetView: Mongolia

Google StreetView, Mongolia. Off-road trails, too. “Last fall we strapped a Street View camera onto a four-wheel drive pickup truck to begin capturing 360-imagery from rugged Mongolian roads. Since then we’ve also gone off-road to capture images of the country’s most beautiful places with Ariuntuul, our Mongolian Trekker operator, who carried the 18-kg Street View […]

Arcadia Britannica

Henry Bourne’s fine new photo-book Arcadia Britannica: A Modern British Folklore Portrait. He’s certainly jiggled a whit and plucked the lucky feather, in his pursuit of modern English folklore celebrants and their costumes.

Street photography under threat from the EU

A proposed new European law would effectively remove the right to take and share photos

Developing Documentary Photography courses

Developing Documentary Photography courses in Moseley, Birmingham: ‘Researching and Planning your Photographic Projects’, and ‘Editing and Exhibiting Your Photographic Project’. 21st July – 5th October 2015. “The Researching and Planning Your Photographic Projects course provides participants with the skills to research and analyse the works of others, plan and initiate ready to edit bodies of […]

Lost Objects: Etruria Industrial Museum series

Léon Gimpel

Léon Gimpel’s autochrome photo-sequence from Paris, 1915… German plane spotted! Launch the fighter! Defeated! [Hat-tip: vintage everyday]

Impact Hub scholarships

Birmingham’s Impact Hub has now gone beyond £60,000 in fundraising, and so will start a scholarship fund. The application period for the first scholarship will open March 2015. There’s also an associated ongoing photography project.

New Year Mummers’ Owd Tup

From Addy, S. O., “Guising and Mumming in Derbyshire”, Journal of the Derbyshire Archaeological and Natural History Society, XXIX, Jan 1907, pp.31-42. The New Year tradition was to have a sort of combination Wassail / Mummers’ procession, but without the Mummers’ story element, headed by either a Owd Tup (Old Ram) figure or a Owd […]

Magnum Photos Symposium

Magnum Photos Symposium, Saturday 22nd November 2014 at the Library of Birmingham… “designed to inspire, guide and advise emerging photographers [and is] aimed at photographers who are currently working on a long term, personal photographic project.” Tickets are competitive… “Applicants will be chosen on the strength of submitted proposals and the perceived benefit to the […]

Photography Oxford

The Photography Oxford Festival looks like it’s made a fine debut. Exhibitions pages.

Peaky Snappers

The nearby Peak District National Park is getting the Google Street View treatment, via a new Google Trekker backpack camera system… “we are the first UK national park to get the Trekker backpack. … From the backpack protrudes the Martian-like head with its 15 lenses.”


Blurb’s self-published print-on-demand photobooks are going to be listed on Amazon UK. There doesn’t appear to be a listing fee but Amazon will take 15% of the cover price, on sales.