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On a Whim

“Using the Whim app, Helsinki becomes the first city to try out an all-inclusive mobility service covering public transportation, taxis, and even car rentals. Instead of a monthly train or a bus pass, imagine buying a mobile app subscription that covers all forms of public and private transportation.”

Peaky Snappers

The nearby Peak District National Park is getting the Google Street View treatment, via a new Google Trekker backpack camera system… “we are the first UK national park to get the Trekker backpack. … From the backpack protrudes the Martian-like head with its 15 lenses.”

Peak fitness

Free vintage cycle and lifestyle festival up in the Peak District on the Staffordshire/Derbyshire border, this summer. Plus an “up hill, down dale” cycle race. I know some of that area, and wowzer it is going to be strenous!

Bicycle: the film

Phase two of a major documentary on the bicycle in Britain is crowdfunding now. Seems to be being made in the West Midlands…

Boris bikes it for Brum

There’s a nice proposal for an HS2 cycle path, though I’ve not heard about it before now. Today… “Boris Johnson has added his voice to calls for a cycle route to be built alongside the proposed HS2 high-speed train line from London to Birmingham … A feasibility study is currently under way on the viability […]


Another electric bicycle based on past classic designs. The Icon E-Flyer is based on the classic 1920s British motorcycle look…

Concept 1865

BASF’s Concept 1865. A “Penny Farthing” bicycle, reinvented with advanced materials, puncture proof tyres, and an electric motor.

Stop the theft cycle

Open source, Kickstarter-funded, the Bike Index registry. Register your bike’s serial number, fight bike theft. Two good insurance-grade ‘d-lock’ locks can also help in that regard.


£200m proposal for a “Skycycle network of elevated routes” in London, for cyclists…

Cycle hubs at Birmingham train stations

£200,000 of new funding, to “provide an interconnected cycle hire schemes covering the Birmingham area”, based on hubs at four rail stations including Birmingham New Street, Birmingham Snow Hill, Longbridge and out in the Black Country at Rowley Regis.

Bicycling in the blue sky

Back in 2007 D’log idly suggested an elevated aerial route cutting through Birmingham city centre… “I’d like to see an aerial off-road bicycle-path that would go from BIAD to the Custard Factory, and then the Custard Factory up to the city centre. Try making that “as the crow flies” journey on foot today, let alone […]

Tweed Run, London

Tweed Run, London, an Autumn 2012 event for cyclists who wear tweed…

Google Maps UK adds cycling routes

Google has added cycling routes to the UK version of Google Maps. Canal towpaths, too.


Interesting correlation between walkable neighbourhoods and creative industries business location. And it’s a study of Ontario, Canada, so it can’t be argued that the hot climate means people can do without cars.

B’ham to Stratford by bike

Fist of Light tackles the 31-mile bicycle ride from Birmingham to Stratford-upon-Avon (home of the Bard, etc)… “In places […] we found ourselves free wheeling through thick mud. It’s not a journey to be made on a road bike.” Sounds very similar to the Barlaston-Stone mudbath stretch south of Stoke-on-Trent, which effectively cuts off Stoke […]

A prick from the past

Lovely old advert for a puncture-proof bicycle tyre, made in Birmingham, taking advantage of the then-latest technology…

Still Walking – Birmingham festival of walking

Still Walking, a 2012 festival of walking in Birmingham, taking place between 15th March and 1st April. Lots of walking tours (not all city-centre/Digbeth), and one three-hour cycling tour (on bicycles, not walking) that will… “explore the social history of bicycle production and use in Birmingham. We will visit 15 sites of local and sometimes […]

The Victorian photo-cycle

Long before the Google StreetView tricycle, the steampunk -esque Victorian photo-cycle (Scientific American, April 1885) with mounted camera …

Pashley passions

BIAD design students work to create new accessories and a new look for a famous Midlands bicycle brand…

Traffic free day in Birmingham