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Hidden Spaces: Subterranean Birmingham

The Birmingham Post, “Hidden Spaces: Subterranean Birmingham”… “My claims [of a lost tunnel] were dismissed as mere legend — they [said that they] would know if such a tunnel existed nearby. But such local knowledge is only true for surface dwellers: a few days later I was walking through the tunnel with an enterprising Police […]

Crossing the Pennines Heritage Trail

Crossing the Pennines Heritage Trail. With a mere £50k Lottery grant, an ancient packhorse trail across the Pennines has been documented and reclaimed/refurbished as a public footpath. Beautiful new milestones are to be added with the help of the Milestone Society, and the Grand Opening will be on Saturday 4th July 2015.

Milestone Society

The Milestone Society, restoring the nation’s historic milestones, mile posts, and finger posts. The Staffordshire milestones and posts are all done by one man…

New service: archaeological illustration

Your favourite view, sent back in time! I’m pleased to use this view of Bradwell Wood in North Staffordshire to launch a new paid service, offering affordable archaeological illustration. I’m now able to use data maps to recreate a historical bird’s eye view of any landscape in the UK, seen from any direction or elevation. […]

Make or Break: The UK’s Digital Future

The new report from the government’s Digital Skills Committee, Make or Break: The UK’s Digital Future. A quick skim-read suggests it’s very much focussed on skills and jobs. A couple of items that caught my eye… “cybersecurity not being taught in schools, resulting in a “lost generation” of youngsters who ended up teaching themselves and […]

Google AirView

Wow, I just thought: Google AirView, alongside Google StreetView. A fleet of GoogleDrones making 360 degree airborne HD camera pictures at various levels above the ground. Meaning you won’t just be able to walk a place in StreetView, but also hover above it for elevated views from anywhere. It would fill the gap between the […]

Tech Nation report

Tech Nation is a new report which claims to have surveyed the 21 UK digital production clusters outside London. Of such companies formed since 2008, 74 percent were found to be located outside London. Of companies formed since 2010… Birmingham is deemed by the report to be an “early stage” cluster, but has apparently seen […]

Google Earth Pro is now free

Google Lat Long has announced that Google Earth Pro is now free. It once cost $400 a year.

Jobs per sector, after the recession

An interactive New York Times infographic of who benefited and who lost (per sector) as the USA came out of the great recession…

The ultimate selfie

A camera drone

The perfect storm

Pushing the super-accurate period of the UK Met Office weather forecast from 12 to 24 hours is set to save billions of pounds by 2020. The Mail reports savings of “£200bn by 2020”, which seems to be mis-reporting. The BBC seems to more realistically suggest a saving to the nation of £2bn from Sept 2015 […]

Pick up a tenner

Those running events or planning trips may like to know that the excellent BBC five-day weather forecast has today added a new 10-day option, complete with probability ratings.

The New Cultural Data Revolution

A one-day free event in Birmingham on “The New Cultural Data Revolution“, on Big Data and cultural institutions and groups. Loadsatickets currently available. [Hat-tip: Chris Unitt]

Peaky Snappers

The nearby Peak District National Park is getting the Google Street View treatment, via a new Google Trekker backpack camera system… “we are the first UK national park to get the Trekker backpack. … From the backpack protrudes the Martian-like head with its 15 lenses.”

Local Government Dashboard Prototype

The new local government data dashboard, currently in alpha and sniffing around the rubbish bins of Solihull.

‘You’ll believe a nerd can fly!’

Drone with real-time streaming HD video steady-cam + a connected Oculus Rift = flying like a bird. Or, more likely, Drone Races!

Six-inch to the mile OS maps, free

Six-inch to the mile Ordnance Survey maps, 1842-1952, now free and synced onto Google Maps.

Mind the Watford Gap

Cameron Neylon has rustled up a useful map of the public libraries in the UK which are set to offer free access to 8,000 commercial paywalled academic ejournals… Very nice if you’re in the leafy Home Counties around London, not so useful for those in the industrial Midlands or the North. Although the use terms […]

At last, a good reason to own a smartphone…

Just the other day I searched all over Morrisons Stoke in vain for the Heinz Sandwich Spread (it seems they don’t stock it). This LEDs + smartphone solution might have helped…

Birmingham Arts & Crafts

Joe Turner blogs on the Arts & Crafts movement in Birmingham, and is off in search of more… “It is interesting that a movement with such radical roots might now be perceived to encapsulate quite conservative — and very English — ideas about suburbia and the rural idyll. It is this, as well as the […]