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GameCity 3

The 3rd Nottingham GameCity, 30th Oct – 1st Nov 08. The programme seems to have few must-be-there! events yet (er, ‘Making of LEGO Batman‘?), but the tickets are on sale now.

Birmingham Space Day

BINS has news of a rather fab-sounding Birmingham Space Day at the University of Birmingham. Space — as in telescopes, rockets and planets. If you hear a NASA-style count-down while you’re near the university clock-tower, duck and cover.


Rich Press‘s photo-essay on the young robot-building nerds of New York…

Get interactive in the park

The website designers of Multipack are holding the annual Geek In The Park picnic event, Saturday 9th August 08, from 12:00pm in Jephson Gardens in Leamington Spa. With all that mown green grass around, there are surreal possibilities for a geek fancy-dress mash-up-version of the finals of the England Women’s National Bowls Championships, happening on […]

Lovebytes 08

Lovebytes 2008: Digital Art in Sheffield (9th – 10th May 08). Free! I was rather excited about the Advanced Beauty event, until I read the deadly word “video” where I was expecting something really cool like “free-floating holograms”… ‘Advanced Beauty’ receives its world premiere screening at the Showroom Cinema. This collection of audio-visual sound sculptures […]

Dan Dare and the Birth of Hi-Tech Britain

Dan Dare was a British comics hero from long before my childhood, so has almost no emotional resonance for me. But the Science Museum has a new free exhibition about him opening on 30th April: Dan Dare and the Birth of Hi-Tech Britain (runs until Oct 08, so no need to rush). It links the […]

Economist special issue on digital nomads

This week’s Economist has a special pull-out section full of articles on ‘digital nomads’, those who are using mobile devices/services to live/work/play/buy on the move. Sadly the Economist website seems to have been dead for the last 24 hours, possibly crushed under the weight of traffic from Slashdot etc. Or maybe the server’s techies are […]

The Great Crystal Cyberdrome Exhibition

Birmingham’s Brass Goggles brings news of a The Great Crystal Cyberdrome Exhibition at next week’s Eastercon (London)… “We propose to exhibit a collection of inventions that never were and past visions of the world of today. Clockwork computers and steam servants. Mechanical monstrosities and electrical entertainments. Retro-futurism at its finest. And we need YOU to […]

Nerd flow

A flow-chart of geek/nerd ‘life moments’ on Flickr, illustrating the impact of early exposure to Dungeons & Dragons, by Sam Potts…

Second Skin

The feature-length documentary Second Skin just had its premiere in the U.S. It’s a balanced examination of the positive and negative stories from the world of massive online games, and it getting excellent early reviews. Here’s the very enticing trailer…

Googlebots on the moon

Veerryy cool. Googlebots on the moon… “The Google Lunar X Prize is a $30 million competition for the first privately funded team to send a robot to the moon” They’ve now signed up and announced ten private teams (from 560 expressions of interest), who should launch in 2012. You may have seen it on durh […]

More nerds

Odd coincidence; I was just saying during a lecture yesterday that the UK economy needs as many nerds and techies as it can get, while touching on the changing nature of how nerds are represented in film. And today comes the policy report A Higher Degree of Concern from The Royal Society, saying the same […]

Got nerd?

Got nerd? Jake at Birmingham’s MADE would like to hear from you. He posted (15th Jan 08) that C.V.’s are currently welcomed from freelancers… Graphic/Web Designers: With a particular focus on designing website house-styles in Photoshop or Fireworks and Flash movie layouts. HTML skills not a must, but experience of doing lots of professional web […]

Art for nerds

Paul visually explains fine art to nerds, in a way that we’ll understand…

Toy-hacking are running toy-hacking workshops in London. Take advantage of all that cheap Chinese tech inside toys, to radically detourn them.

Otaku sexuality

A new essay collection was published in late December by the University of Minnesota Press; Robot Ghosts and Wired Dreams . Chapter 10 ambitiously tries to pin down “Otaku Sexuality” (who, as you probably know, are Japanese geek-nerds), as understood by the controversial Japanese psychoanalyst Tamaki Saito. The essay first appeared in the 2004 catalogue […]


Just launched: spurtBOT : tracking the ‘robot love, sex & marriage’ meme.

Pleasure positions for nerds

The Nerd Handbook

The Nerd Handbook including Advanced Nerd Tweakage. Not sure about the intense TV channel-surfing (didn’t most real nerds give up TV years ago?), I think perhaps there’s some confusion with North American fan-boyism there. Large parts of the Handbook ring true, but some parts seem like he’s describing people who are too close to his […]

BrumCon 07

We have new dates for Birmingham’s BrumCon 07, which has had to be held over from October to May 2008… “We welcome all kinds of phreaks, geeks and other technologically interested people from all sides of the fence (as long as hats, badges and warrants are left at the door).”