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The Future of Identity – new UK report

Interesting new British evidence-based research review, The Future of Identity by the government’s Chief Scientific Advisor Sir John Beddington… “The Future of Identity project has utilised over 20 independent papers, providing a wide ranging evidence base for the project. You can access each of these driver review papers below, as well as both the full […]

The 2013 Edge question

The new Edge question page is now available for 2013. Edge asked a selection of the world’s top minds (and this year, also some top journalists and independent pundits): What should we be worried about? What resulted isn’t your usual recounting of the big Hollywood-style threats (such as a giant meteor hitting Earth, a new […]

Slow journalism

A 21,000 mile walk… “On 10th January 02013, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Paul Salopek will begin a seven year journey on foot from Ethiopia to Patagonia, following the footsteps of the first migration of humans across the planet 60,000 years ago.”

Pinterest automated

Getting a little lax in your Pinterest posting? Pingraphy lets you bulk-upload a bunch of Pinterest finds, then schedule when each of them appears live on Pinterest. Give the impression you’re a frantic Pinterester, while you’re actually doing other more useful stuff.

Now ear this…

One of the most important TED talks of 2012…

Hot air and ice-cream

A friend asked about the myth of Mrs Thatcher and the invention of ice-cream. I did a bit of digging in Google Books and other scholarly and first-hand sources, and came up with the sourced facts… Thatcher was a research chemist, at J. Lyons at Cadby Hall in Hammersmith, for two and half years. She […]

National Gardening Leave

My thoughts on the NEF’s “National Gardening Leave” proposals.


What if you could blend a woolly LETS-like skills time-bank scheme with a more proven form like Kickstarter, such that people in a travel-region could pledge their skilled time (rather than money) to a project that had specific stepped goals? Local business sponsors might have a small part to play, providing a little money for […]

LOLcats in the London galleries

For the LOL of Cats, a LOLcats exhibition at The Photographer’s Gallery in London, until 6th January 2013. Followed by LOLcat: teh exhibishun at The Framers’ Gallery, also in London, opening 23rd January 2013.

Event: good news for the media

The British Museum has an evening exploring the need for ‘good news’, with the former BBC news presenter Martyn Lewis. The participants see a need for more positive news. Having been interested in this topic for a while, I hope there will be some good news about the event being available later as a downloadable […]

Amazon UK parcel pickup service expands

Excellent news for Amazon UK buyers. Amazon is to roll out nationwide a “collect your parcel from a trusted local shop” service.

Stealing places

Back in 2005 D’log mused… “could a place be “stolen”? I think it could. A team of people with sonic tape-measures, sketchbooks and digital cameras could “steal” a good chunk of the raw information needed to recreate a place” The Chinese just did it… “After a year of construction and a price tag of $940 […]

Silent Circle

One solution to the tabloid press phone-hacking problem… Phil Zimmerman (the cryptography hero, of PGP fame) has a new firm, Silent Circle… “encrypting phone calls for iPhone and Android, for $20/month”

Museum of Endangered Smells

Does the UK needs a “Museum of Endangered Smells”? Perhaps in collaboration with perfume and chemical companies, who could make synthetic analogs of smells that can’t otherwise be captured through original materials.

Blooming eccentrics

The Sunday Telegraph celebrates the “magificent whackiness” on show in various gardens throughout the land… Where Britain’s eccentrics bloom.

Srsly Phenomenal

Srsly Phenomenal: An Investigation Into The Appeal Of Lolcats, apparently a Masters dissertation at the LSE. I wonder if it includes mention of the LOLcat precursor, CATscan? wantz tu read…

Writing Britain: Wastelands to Wonderlands

A new exhibition at the British Library: Writing Britain: Wastelands to Wonderlands (£9, 11th May – 25th Sept 2012 — although Time Out claims it will run to 25th Nov?). The show explores how authors have shaped our understanding of the British landscape. Here in the West Midlands, the Malvern hills are probably our most […]

Wales Coastal Footpath opens

Excellent news that Wales has got its act together, on the idea of a continuous coastal footpath around the whole of the British Isles. The new 870 mile continuous path around Wales was officially opened yesterday, and has cost a mere £14-million (probably less than the price of a new leisure centre, and with an […]

‘The Feeble Case for Cluster Policies’ in cities

Interesting new academic paper, “California Dreamin’: The Feeble Case for Cluster Policies“, It strongly questions the once-fashionable idea that local business ‘clusters’ can be artificially constructed by public sector policy-makers, in their cities and city-regions… “Clusters are a complex second-order issue that wrongly receive first-order attention. More specifically, the case against clusters policies is in […]

OONI monitors your ISPs censorship level, shares the data

Tor developers Arturo Filasto and Jacob Appelbaum have released the OONI-probe, an… “open-source software tool designed to be installed on any PC and run to collect data about local meddling with the computer’s network connections, whether it be website blocking, surveillance or selective bandwidth slowdowns [forced by the service provider]. OONI will allow anyone to […]