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To accompany my JURN search tool I’ve made a quick way to search across all the world’s repositories. Repositories are the special Web servers that universities, museums and archives etc, use to house all their digital goodies — such as online collections, full-text papers and book chapters, and similar Open Access treats. The new search […]

The Comic Electric: A Digital Comics Symposium

Alan Moore’s Electricomics project (Digital R&D Fund for the Arts) is to conclude with an academic conference in the UK in October 2015, The Comic Electric: A Digital Comics Symposium. Ah, but can a shiny digi-slab do this…

The Westport Independent

The Westport Independent is a interesting forthcoming videogame about, well, not so much outright censorship so much as more subtle information warfare in the Russia Today (RT) style… “As editor, your job is to control the flow of news, affecting readers’ opinions of the autocratic Loyalist government and the rebel forces opposing it. As articles […]

Make or Break: The UK’s Digital Future

The new report from the government’s Digital Skills Committee, Make or Break: The UK’s Digital Future. A quick skim-read suggests it’s very much focussed on skills and jobs. A couple of items that caught my eye… “cybersecurity not being taught in schools, resulting in a “lost generation” of youngsters who ended up teaching themselves and […]

Details on the UK’s postgraduate loans

The fine details have emerged on the UK’s forthcoming postgraduate loans funding for Masters degrees: Update: this old post has now been superseded by a new post.

Typographic Hub

The Typographic Hub at BIAD, has a 2015 diary online for their Birmingham talks. Students and staff only, apparently, but I daresay if you know your boldface from your dingbat then they might let an interested local designer sit in at the back.

“We drive, drive, drive, on the Aston Expressway…”

Where better than industrial Birmingham for a conference on Kraftwerk’s early days and influence? Industrielle Volksmusik for the Twenty-First Century: Kraftwerk and the Birth of Electronic Music in Germany. 21st-22nd January 2015, Aston University in Birmingham.

Video for presentations

Just a tip for those called on to do public or client presentations and who want to show a short video from YouTube etc, having seen a couple fail last night. Use a free plugin to download the video beforehand, and place it on the desktop with a name that reminds of you of the […]

MOOC on data journalism

A free MOOC on data journalism, starting 19th May 2014, complete with a lecturer from Birmingham City University (among others).

To celebrate its fifth birthday my academic search-engine has updated its front page, to reflect the fact that it has grown beyond the arts and humanities focus. JURN can now search and access full-text on most academic topics. All open access or otherwise free. Tip: searching using intitle:keyword “key phrase” works very well.

Mind the Watford Gap

Cameron Neylon has rustled up a useful map of the public libraries in the UK which are set to offer free access to 8,000 commercial paywalled academic ejournals… Very nice if you’re in the leafy Home Counties around London, not so useful for those in the industrial Midlands or the North. Although the use terms […]

Pier into the past

Mmmm, bracing: Llandudno in February is hosting the two day conference Digital Past 2014… Digital Past is a two day conference which showcases innovative digital technologies for data capture, interpretation and dissemination of heritage sites and artefacts.

Confiscation Cabinets

Toys confiscated by teachers from London schoolchildren in 150 different schools, over thirty years. On display now at the Victoria & Albert Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green, London.

JURN updated

My JURN search-engine has just had its annual full check-and-repair. JURN lets you search inside 4,538 free ejournals in the arts & humanities, and the results gives full-text access to all articles. My JURN Directory is also repaired and updated. This organised directory contains links to the home-pages of 3,000 of the English-language ejournals included […]

Back to Firefox

It looks like I’ll be switching back to Firefox as a Web browser, over Christmas, as Google Chrome is set to block install of all extensions that don’t come from its own extension store. There is no way I could tolerate Google Search without GoogleMonkeyR, or Facebook without F.B. Purity. Also not on the Chrome […]


An interesting literary/history conference at Warwick in March 2014… Devouring: Food, Drink and the Written Word, 1800—1945.

Station to Station

Mobile sound lab, crossing America on a train…

FutureLearn launches

Just launched, new free online-only short-courses from the UK’s FutureLearn (includes Birmingham / Warwick / Loughborough universities, from the Midlands). Here are all of FutureLearn’s creative/media/business online courses, ordered by start date: THE SECRET POWER OF BRANDS (14th Oct). BEGIN PROGRAMMING: BUILD YOUR FIRST MOBILE GAME (28th October). CRITICAL LISTENING FOR STUDIO PRODUCTION (13th January […]

The interview and the hire

The Atlantic on Google’s evidence-based approach to job interviews… “Years ago, we did a study to determine whether anyone at Google is particularly good at hiring,” Laszlo Bock, Google’s senior vice president for people operations, told LinkedIn. “We looked at tens of thousands of interviews, and everyone who had done the interviews and what they […]

Glass for scholars

I do like the idea of Google Glass. A few iterations down the line (eta for v1.0 is the end of 2013), it seems set give the same boost to scholarly production in old age that the original invention of eye-glasses once did many centuries ago.