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Just add bears…

DatumExplorer v01. Digitally scan an entire British woodland, record its complex sounds and acoustics, create a mapped computer simulation, add bears and other extinct animals…

PGP encryption for Facebook

Nice. Zuckerberg is ahead of the looming policy curve, and is now offering PGP encryption for Facebook. Just upload your public key.

Windows 10

Finally, a reason to get Windows 10, maybe… it’ll run Android and iOS apps.

How to fix Firefox’s new mousewheel scrolling

The lastest version of Firefox / Nightly seems to have changed what happens when you nudge your central mouse wheel, intending to move down a Web page. It seems to be set up for iPads now, when users are used to ‘jumping’ down the screen in pseudo-frames. But it’s very annoying to jump like that […]

Make or Break: The UK’s Digital Future

The new report from the government’s Digital Skills Committee, Make or Break: The UK’s Digital Future. A quick skim-read suggests it’s very much focussed on skills and jobs. A couple of items that caught my eye… “cybersecurity not being taught in schools, resulting in a “lost generation” of youngsters who ended up teaching themselves and […]

Google AirView

Wow, I just thought: Google AirView, alongside Google StreetView. A fleet of GoogleDrones making 360 degree airborne HD camera pictures at various levels above the ground. Meaning you won’t just be able to walk a place in StreetView, but also hover above it for elevated views from anywhere. It would fill the gap between the […]

Tech Nation report

Tech Nation is a new report which claims to have surveyed the 21 UK digital production clusters outside London. Of such companies formed since 2008, 74 percent were found to be located outside London. Of companies formed since 2010… Birmingham is deemed by the report to be an “early stage” cluster, but has apparently seen […]

Google Earth Pro is now free

Google Lat Long has announced that Google Earth Pro is now free. It once cost $400 a year.

More events for 2015

Added to the West Mids events 2015… 14th-15th March 2015:The Beauty of Letters : text, type and communication in the eighteenth century. A joint annual conference of the Centre for West Midlands History and the Baskerville Society. University of Birmingham. 12th June 2015:Controlling Crypto-currencies. One day conference at Birmingham Law School.

Edge question for 2015 – in Kindle .mobi format

The world’s leading thinkers on the Edge question for 2015: “What do you think about machines that think?”. Since the single page is the length of two novels (130,000 words), and Instapaper et al will choke on it, I’ve taken the liberty of making a simple free Kindle .mobi conversion which looks nice and has […]

Wired UK redesign

Wired UK redesign. Finally, a magazine that realises that a widescreen desktop PC is not an iPad. Who knew? I’m still reading their article list in stripped-down RSS, though. And then pushing interesting articles through Instapaper to my old-school Kindle ereader. Sorry, designers. Very pretty and all that, and it even scrolls sideways. But until […]

2013 UK creative industries statistics

The new government report Creative Industries Economic Estimates: January 2015 is now available for download. It’s good news, albeit conveniently released at just the right moment to try to mute reaction to David Cameron’s stonkingly stupid promise to ‘outlaw all software that uses encryption’, which is what his statement amounts to. I was pretty sure […]

The ultimate selfie

A camera drone

BitTorrent Sync

Just bookmarking this here for easy future reference: BitTorrent Sync offers free ‘cloud file transfer without the cloud’, across all PCs and devices. It works by Bittorrent, so… “Sync doesn’t store data in one central repository that can be tapped by the NSA and others.” Wired article on Sync.


New file-dropping site, free, up to 5Gb per file: YDRay.

Windows desktop replacements

Good to hear that Linux founder Linus Torvalds “Still wants the desktop” for Linux. I’m currently looking at Linux + WINE, and also the interesting reverse-engineered ‘open Windows’ ReactOS as future desktop OS replacements for Windows circa 2015.

Two-year videogames production degree

A new two-year ‘intensive’ videogames production course, in Birmingham: B.Sc. degree in Interactive Entertainment (Games Development).

Frothy coffees

Ah, London. The great coffee, the wi-fi so strong your coffee spoons vibrate with it. Or perhaps not… “Why bother going to all that trouble to shield a coffee shop from Wi-Fi when pretty much the whole of London E1 and E2 postal codes have been successfully achieving exactly the same thing for the last […]

Shake, edit, and roll…

Microsoft fixes amateur camera-shake with its new HyperLapse. Disney unveils a bot that can auto-edit footage from multiple social cameras (aka “me an’ my mates”).

Google Public DNS

Does your ISP have crappy or censored DNS resolving? How to switch your ISP’s DNS server to use Google Public DNS, in Windows.