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Birmingham Science Fiction Group

Birmingham Science Fiction Group, with a focus on literary science-fiction…

Visit the British Museum using Google Streetview

You can walk through the British Museum, using Google Streetview… “Built over 15 months with the help of a Google employee with a camera on wheels … completed by the Google Cultural Institute after hours, with special lightbulbs being installed to ensure the lighting remained the same through the galleries.”

Birmingham’s new Cultural Strategy 2015-2019

Birmingham’s new Cultural Strategy 2015-2019 is now open for public consultation. Stripped of Council-speak it might be boiled down to… * integrate culture with new developments and the city’s big infrastructure / transport projects. * integrate culture with the more mundane and everyday type of public services. * promote the Jewellery Quarter as a centre […]

World Map of Stereotypes

Amazingly detailed and complete, a new World Map of Stereotypes…

What is might cost to get a short graphic novel made?

A new edition of the What do Comic Creators Earn? table, this week. So it seems like £130 per page for line-art + colouring would get art from a mid-range artist. I’m assuming that the writer is the one commissioning the artist directly and can do things like… * the finished script * provide the […]

Garden of Cosmic Speculation

“The Garden of Cosmic Speculation” is an amazing garden landscape in the hills at Crawick, Scotland (about thirty-five miles north of Carlisle/Gretna Green). It appears that it’s now maturing nicely. Somehow I totally missed news of the official opening of this, back in July. (Video).

L.S. Lowry and Arthur Berry: observers of urban life

The major show L.S. Lowry and Arthur Berry: observers of urban life premieres at the Potteries Museum & Art Gallery in Stoke-on-Trent, until 10th January 2015 (£5).

Edward Robert Hughes

Enchanted Dreams: The Pre-Raphaelite Art of Edward Robert Hughes is a major show in Birmingham city centre’s Gas Hall, from 17th October 2015 (£7). Picture: Edward Robert Hughes, “Oh, what’s that in the hollow, so pale, I quake to follow?”.

Fifty-three Stages of the Eastern Sea Road

The prints of Hiroshige’s Fifty-three Stages of the Tōkaidō [Eastern Sea Road]” (1832, pub. 1833) are on show in Wolverhampton until 21st November 2015.

Workshop Birmingham

Workshop Birmingham wants to “create substantial new facilities” for contemporary arts / crafts production in Birmingham.

The insect hotel of Uttoxeter

A super new ‘insect hotel’ is due to open very soon at Uttoxeter in North Staffordshire. A very nice bit of garden/architectural/eco design.

Evil in the Shining Light

This looks like a possibly interesting art show: Evil in the Shining Light: art inspired by the works of J.R.R. Tolkien… It follows the excellent Walsall Art Gallery show on Tolkien and the Black Country which happened last summer.

Amateur Creativity

A two-day free symposium on Amateur Creativity is to be held at the School of Theatre, University of Warwick (on the outskirts of Coventry) on 17th – 18th September 2015. It… “aims to challenge perceptions of amateur creativity and contribute to debates about the cultural significance of the amateur”.

Sidewalk Labs

Google’s new Sidewalk Labs… “Sidewalk Labs, an urban innovation company that will develop technology at the intersection of the physical and digital worlds, with a focus on improving city life for residents, businesses and governments.”

Just add bears…

DatumExplorer v01. Digitally scan an entire British woodland, record its complex sounds and acoustics, create a mapped computer simulation, add bears and other extinct animals…

The Economist on universal income

The costs of a ‘basic universal income’ are concisely outlined of in the latest edition of The Economist. Too expensive, they fear, at least using the Swiss approach. But at the end of the article they point out that Alaska already gives all its citizens $1,900 a year dividend from its oil fund. So might […]

Floating Forest

“Floating Forest”, British broadleaf trees treated as if they were wild flower specimens, by London’s Michael Anastassiades.

New service: archaeological illustration

Your favourite view, sent back in time! I’m pleased to use this view of Bradwell Wood in North Staffordshire to launch a new paid service, offering affordable archaeological illustration. I’m now able to use data maps to recreate a historical bird’s eye view of any landscape in the UK, seen from any direction or elevation. […]

Budget round-up

A quick summary of measures announced in today’s budget statement in Parliament, affecting freelancers and the creative industries… * the TV and film tax credits schemes will be made “more generous”. * “expand our support for the videogames industry” (Unspecified, but the key industry group TIGA is pushing for… “a new Prototype Fund to enable […]

Return of the Flying Circus

The Circus of Drones…