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The Edge is where The Centre is

A book of essays and observations on the West Midlands’ film Penda’s Fen, The Edge is where The Centre is, in a new revised and expanded second edition.

Birmingham Science Fiction Group

Birmingham Science Fiction Group, with a focus on literary science-fiction…

The lost genre of ‘great race’ comedy movies

I remember greatly enjoying comedy ‘great race’ movies on TV, back in the day, but I only realised the other day that the movie industry doesn’t really seem to make them any more. Here’s the handy list of those films that have been made, many of them rather good if judged simply as entertainment. The […]

Punk ‘posium

Drone Races

The new, underground sport of first-person drone racing. Don’t forget to take the air-sickness tablets, guys…

Evil in the Shining Light

This looks like a possibly interesting art show: Evil in the Shining Light: art inspired by the works of J.R.R. Tolkien… It follows the excellent Walsall Art Gallery show on Tolkien and the Black Country which happened last summer.

Recommendation systems still have nothing to recommend them

Amazon’s recommendation system is still dismal. I put a Huawei wi-fi router in my wishlist and Amazon is instantly certain I would love a Bosch IXO Cordless Lithium-Ion Screwdriver. Erm, nope. I will probably purchase the blu-ray of Tomorrowland (gotta get those 20+ minutes of deleted scenes), therefore Amazon’s system thinks I am clamoring to […]

The Comic Electric: A Digital Comics Symposium

Alan Moore’s Electricomics project (Digital R&D Fund for the Arts) is to conclude with an academic conference in the UK in October 2015, The Comic Electric: A Digital Comics Symposium. Ah, but can a shiny digi-slab do this…

“And as far off as Birmingham?”

Conan Doyle Convention in Birmingham on 30th May, £15 tickets still remaining. * Tom Ue, giving a talk on Professor Challenger. * Panel: “Exploring Doyle’s Worlds: Sherlock vs Challenger” (Michael R. Brush, Steve Lockley, Jan Edwards, Tom Ue). * Book Launches: Challenger Unbound (anthology of Challenger adventures), Mycroft & The Necromancer. * Panel: Steampunk vs […]

“We drive, drive, drive, on the Aston Expressway…”

Where better than industrial Birmingham for a conference on Kraftwerk’s early days and influence? Industrielle Volksmusik for the Twenty-First Century: Kraftwerk and the Birth of Electronic Music in Germany. 21st-22nd January 2015, Aston University in Birmingham.

Penkhull Wassail

A quick little 2-minute video I made of last night’s Penkhull Wassail, a successful revival in urban Stoke-on-Trent of the ancient New Year wassail folk tradition. The Penkhull Wassail joins Barlaston, in the south of the city, in having an annual New Year wassail. The local morris dancers were Penkhull’s own Domesday Morris, and the […]

The Art of Smallfilms

Had a book token for Xmas? The Art of Smallfilms is a beautiful oversize art book of the props and cut-outs used in the era of classic children’s TV, on shows such as The Clangers, Noggin the Nog, Pogles’ Wood and Ivor the Engine. Which, of course, now live again on YouTube and DVD. A […]

Kitty Cafe

The first cat cafe in the Midlands, Kitty Cafe is opening in Nottingham in February 2015.


The full feature-length documentary movie on North Staffordshire oatcakes and their fans, now online for free…

Around the Globe

Good to see British theatre branching out into selling online video of the shows. Globe Player is a new video-on-demand platform from the Shakespeare’s Globe theatre in London. All filmed productions from the past 7 years, on demand.


MontyMarch: A Tribute to Richard Griffiths. Electric Cinema, Birmingham, 28th March 2015. Booking now. It’d be nice if they also showed clips from the Sherlock Holmes film Pursuit to Algiers (1945), in which the villain Gregor (Rex Evans) is an obvious template for Uncle Monty.

International Ocean Film Festival

International Ocean Film Festival, Birmingham UK. 30th October 2014.

B-Side Brum: 150 long-list

B-Side Brum, the long-list of 150 tracks. No Terry and Gerry, so here they are with Reservation on Spotify. It’s a slow burner, the real singing starts around 3:30.

For the chop

“Algorithm automatically cuts the boring bits out of videos”. Godzilla now a twelve minute short…

Zeppelin relaunched

An excellent summary tribute article on Led Zeppelin (fronted by Robert Plant, from West Bromwich) to celebrate that the albums… “Led Zeppelin,” “Led Zeppelin II” and “Led Zeppelin III” have recently been given deluxe reissues by Atlantic Records