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eyestorm shop opens in Warwick

Storm in a High St.:eyestorm opens its first High Street art gallery – in the West Midlands.

Snappy Canvas

Snappy canvasThe Japanese have a new invention that prints full-range colour photographs directly onto fabrics. Of course, there’s now a new commercial British service offering everything from personalised deckchairs (a nice touch for your gallery opening), to fabric wallpaper.

8342 visitors in June

8342Mmm…. not bad; D’log got 8342 unique visitors last month.

Shed spotting

Shed spotting:On a long train journey today, I indulged in some ‘shed spotting’ with my newly-repaired pocket digicam…. (large version, 65kb) (large version, 85kb) (large version, 75kb)

Interviews with photographers

Be Frank:Interviews by Frank Horvat with famous photographers.


Con-temporaryA gang of contemporary art thieves have stuck for the third time in Birmingham, England.

Traditions, invention of

Trad:“One of the great British traditions is the invention of tradition.” Just thought I’d make public a phrase that popped into my head while talking with Mark Wood, about someone who’s recently moved to North Staffordshire and who has ‘invented’ a new annual ‘hedgehog rolling’ event for their village’s local hillside.


Folk art:Folkstone; another success-story for artist-led regeneration.


Folk: In a Stoke-on-Trent pub tonight with Mark Wood and David Rizk, I could sometimes hear an archaic folk tune floating in from another room, being sounded on what seemed to be an accordian. Once I heard a very old-sounding song sung in between the notes. On the way out I located the player; he […]

Photography books from the USA

Photography books:Powell’s, the huge American booksellers, have a useful listing of forthcoming photography books, with shipping to the UK at $12 (about £7, and even lower if you order more than one book). Very reasonable, when you consider how heavy some photography books can be. Sadly, it seems that there’s no way to filter out […]

Creative America

Creative America:The USA’s first nationwide Creative Industries Study has just been published by Americans for the Arts. The ranking by state is:- California, then New York, Texas, Florida, then Illinois. Interesting, yet there is a potential methodological problem with counting ‘businesses & institutions’ by geographical area. Firstly, by using out-of-date paper directories you overlook a […]

If it’s not online, it doesn’t exist

If it’s not online, it doesn’t exist:New research from BRMB; 80% of 21-year-olds say they rely on the internet for information. It’s even higher, at 85%, among 15-year-olds.


S’nooze:Is it something to do with the fear of piracy that causes online newspapers to use photography so badly? Either they tuck it away in a naff little slideshow of fuzzy 300-pixel x 200-pixel images, or they use one tiny thumbnail image inelegantly strapped on the top/top-side of the column of text.

Photography is…

Photography is…Photography is… a hard-disk hog; I’ve just deleted 8Gb of unprocessed ‘contact sheet’ shots from photo-shoots. But capital-p Photography is also…. “…an austere and blazing poetry of the real” – Ansel Adams “…the recording of strangeness and beauty with beguiling precision” – Sebastian Smee “…the preservation of the world” – Eliot Porter “…[a means […]


PotSoc:The Poetry Society are slowly putting some of the many British poetry magazines online, full-text and searchable.


LIP:The Journal of London Independent Photography has several years of back issues online, for free.

Vanity Fair (Broad Street, Birmingham)

Vanity Fair:Theodore Dalrymple does Broad Street, Birmingham.

Britain’s top 100 intellectuals

Brains:Prospect magazine chooses Britain’s top 100 intellectuals. For the top five, I voted for: Brian Eno, Christopher Hitchens, Melanie Phillips, Roger Scruton, Seamus Heaney. Theodore Dalrymple, Peter Tachell, & Andrew Sullivan are missing; in action, presumably.

Photography redux

Photography redux:A beguiling & precise phrase from last weeks’ Telegraph review, by Sebastian Smee, of the Jacques Henri Lartigue show in London…. “To pore over his albums, which have never before been displayed outside France, is to feel photography stripped of the scaffolding of theory and pretension erected around it in recent years, and returned […]

Maybe next year

Maybe next year:I’ve unaccountably been omitted from The Observer newspaper’s list of 80 Prodigiously Talented Young People. Oh well, there’s always next year 😉